The Best Pants Hangers

Having the right hangers can instantly transform your closet. Instead of a jumbled mess, put everything in its place with the addition of the perfect pant hangers. From pants to skirts to non-clothing items like towels and bedsheets, pant hangers are the versatile staple you didn't know your closet needed. Pick up some of our favorites to instantly transform your approach to closet organization.

Zober Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers (20-Pack)

Sleek, Strong, and Affordable

This pack of durable pant hangers is just what your closet needs.
Best Overall

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This set of open-ended metal hangers has all the bells and whistles to make your closet more organized than ever before. The non-slip design has a rubber coating on the bar to keep pants perfectly in their place and prevent any unnecessary wrinkles. The open sides allow you to easily remove the pair you’re after, and the rubber-tipped end helps avoid snags or pulls. Finished in a shining chrome, the sturdy hangers can be used for everything from pants to scarves to bedding for the ultimate in organizational versatility.


  • The sturdy hangers can each support up to 10 pounds for even your heaviest items
  • The pack of 20 can replace most of your other, less durable hangers with just one purchase
  • The rubber coating on the base and handle help keep your clothes in like-new condition


  • If clothes aren’t hung correctly, it can make the hanger unbalanced
  • The curved opening may be too narrow for some closet bars

Doiown S-Type Stainless Steel Clothes Pants Hangers

Streamline Your Closet in an Instant

This space-saving style will make things look neat and tidy.
Best Space Saver

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Crafted from durable stainless steel, these pant hangers are designed to stand the test of time. The s-shape provides an ingenious way to minimize the number of hangers in your closet while still giving you the storage space you need for your entire wardrobe. Hang up to five pairs of pants per hanger so that you can ditch the overcrowded and overwhelming closet of your past. Instead, what you’ll have is a streamlined way to hang your clothes. Each end of the hanger is also coated in rubber to avoid rips and tears so your clothes are both organized and protected.


  • Each hanger can accommodate up to five pairs of pants to lower the number of hangers you need overall and create more closet space
  • The versatile hangers can be used for everything from pants to accessories to bath towels
  • The stainless steel design is both durable and stylish for the best of both worlds


  • Only comes with one hanger
  • Can’t access every single item from just one side due to the S-shape design

Ieoke Pants Hangers

Classic Clip Hangers That Work Like a Charm

This traditional style can accommodate any kind of clothing.
Best with Clips

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This set of 20 pant hangers will give your closet the makeover it needs. Coated in zinc alloy plating so they don’t rust or fade, the hangers feature a sturdy metal design that can withstand almost anything. The forceful clip can hang even the thinnest tops or pants without leaving sparks or imprints on your clothes. The thin hanger is designed to save space while also making your closet look streamlined and stylish. Thanks to the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability, these hangers are sure to become your new favorites.


  • Made from high-quality metal with a zinc alloy plating for added durability and strength
  • The set includes 20 hangers, so you can refresh a significant portion of your closet with just one purchase
  • The clips are adjustable, so you can move them to work with any clothing size or style


  • The top hook on the hanger doesn’t rotate, so it can only be hung in one direction
  • The hook also won’t fit on wider closet rods, so be sure to measure before buying

Zober High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers with Clips

Wood-n't it Be Nice?

These swivel pant hangers make picking your outfit even easier.
Best Wood

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These wooden hangers are a sleek and sophisticated take on the classic style. The wooden bars are lined with felt, and they feature a tight-grip mechanism to keep your clothes secure and protected. They also have extra layers of lacquer to give the wood a shiny, elegant finish. The non-slip bars can hang everything from pants and skirts to towels and sheets for a versatile way to declutter any closet. The anti-rust chrome detail is the finishing touch to these sturdy and sophisticated hangers.


  • The wooden design has extra layers of lacquer for a high-gloss finish that is super stylish
  • The wooden bars are lined with felt to protect your clothes and keep them in place
  • The hook and clasp are finished with anti-rust chrome so the hangers will stand the test of time


  • The width of the hanger is narrower than other styles, so may not be well-suited for wider clothing
  • The wooden finish is less durable than metal and may not hold up as well over time

AmazonBasics Velvet Skirt Hangers with Clips


This ingenious design can be used for both shirts and pants, making it a closet heavy hitter.
Most Versatile

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These velvet hangers are one of the best non-slip closet solutions. The top of the hanger has notches to catch thin straps, while the bottom has sturdy metal clips for pants and skirts, making it a multipurpose hanger you can use for anything in your wardrobe. The metal components are designed to be extra durable, and they’re bend- and rust-resistant so you can use them for years. Plus, the thin design is the ultimate space saver to help you keep things super streamlined.


  • The velvet and metal hanger can accommodate shirts, dresses, and tops so you can use them for anything in your closet
  • The metal hook and clips are extra durable so the hangers can hold up against even the heaviest items of clothing
  • The thin velvet design saves space to give you extra closet room


  • The smallest set available includes 24 hangers, which may not work for smaller closets
  • Only black velvet hangers are available, which may not suit all tastes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to hang or fold pants?

To keep pants in optimal condition, it’s best to hang them using hangers. You can either hang them from the waist or fold them over a hanger to keep the pants wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

How do you hang pants with pant hangers?

The way you hang your pants will depend on which type of pant hangers you have. If you have hangers with clips, simply fold your pants in half at the inseam and clip the waist of the pants using the clips to keep them organized and unwrinkled. If you have bar hangers, you can fold the pants in half, and then pull the cuff of the pants through the center of the hanger over the bar.

Are velvet hangers good for pants?

Velvet hangers are good for most types of clothing in your closet. The velvet material is non-slip so that clothing will stay put, and the soft fabric is delicate enough for even higher-end fabrics like silk.