The Best Papasan Chairs

If you're looking for the ideal place to curl up with a cup of hot coffee and a good book, look to the Papasan chair. Iconic for its unique design, it is also large, soft, and oh-so-cozy. If you're looking for a comfortable, stylish chair to add to your living space, a Papasan chair should be high on your list to consider. Here we've gathered and reviewed a few of our favorites so that you can find the one that's best for you.

OSP Designs Papasan Chair with 360-Degree Swivel

Perfect for Any Space

This modern Papasan chair will look good in any space, and it's extremely comfortable to curl up in, too.
Best Overall

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This chair comes with the look and comfort of a traditional Papasan chair, as well as some of the features of more traditional furniture. One of its selling points is that it can swivel 360 degrees. What more could you want from a cozy round chair than to be able to spin around in circles when that feeling of whimsy sweeps through you?

Along with the ability to turn 360°, this chair is comfortable and well-made. It has a padded cushion made of cozy polyester and it’s embellished with buttons for added style. The rattan-wrapped metal base is both cute and sturdy. The seat itself measures 36.5″ deep and 38″ wide, giving you plenty of space to snuggle up.


  • The large build of this Papasan chair makes it roomy and comfortable
  • The unique 360-degree swivel is both comfy and fun, so if you have kids, they’ll enjoy this feature a lot
  • The sturdy construction is built to last


  • Not ideal for folks with a large frame

Better Homes & Gardens Papasan Chair

Beauty and Comfort

Slightly different in design from our Best Overall pick, this one is just as good in almost every way – and even better in others.
Runner Up

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Though it’s a bit costly, we believe that the amount of value this chair offers will justify the purchase. Why? Well, first, consider its materials: the cushion is made with a fleecy, Sherpa-style texturized top, which makes it extra plush and cozy. It’s also 4.5″ thick, meaning you won’t be able to feel the base once let yourself sink down into the chair. Aside from the cushion, another thing this chair has going for it is its tough, brown steel frame, which is embellished with faux wicker accents that give it make it both durable and casual-chic. All things considered, it’s comfortable, well-made, and most importantly, it’s a great cost value.


  • Available in multiple colors, so you can choose the one you love
  • The tufted design gives this cushion an elegant, high-end look


  • Some might prefer it to be available in more extravagant colorways

Amazon Basics Kids Folding Papasan Chair

Hold Up, It Folds Up?

This kid-friendly Papasan chair comes with a safety locking mechanism, and it can be folded up when it's not in use.
Best for Kids

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Traditional Papasan chairs with rattan bases are good and well, and there’s certainly a time and place for those, but if you have kids, you know that you need something a little more accommodating. For starters, traditional Papasan chairs are usually way too big for little ones, and they don’t always fit well in smaller spaces. If you have a small home or your kid’s room is pressed for space but you’d still like to get a Papasan chair that’ll fit her, this foldable version may be perfect for you.

Available in two colorways — blue or pink — this chair has metal legs that fold up flat when the chair’s not in use, so you can easily tuck it away when your mini-me is done using it. It has a faux-fur polyester cover with comfort padding, too, so it’s certainly not lacking in the comfort department. And as far as safety goes, the frame itself has a locking mechanism that keeps the chair stabilized. No need to worry about your kid tipping backwards or the chair suddenly collapsing if they lean the wrong way.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Space-saving design adds to the cost value


  • Max weight limit of 90 pounds means older siblings will need to be advised that this seat isn’t for them

Frequently Asked Questions

What decor style do Papasan chairs go well with?

No matter what your space currently looks like, a Papasan chair will be an excellent addition. They go especially well with Boho and Modern styles, though they can fit well into any decor style. If you’re worried about style, try choosing a color or pattern that you know will go well with your current space. Starting small and simple can help you enhance your decor’s aesthetic tastefully.

Are Papasan chairs sturdy?

Papasan chairs are built with a unique design, so it’d be understandable if you assumed they’d be prone to tipping over. However, the rattan or metal bases are extremely durable. They’re fairly wide at the bottom, so they won’t tip over easily. You wouldn’t want to sit on the very edge of the chair with your full weight, but the same can be said about chairs of just about any style.

What else should I consider when making my purchase?

Choose the Papasan chair that looks the most comfortable to you and fits best in the context of your space. Consider the size, the pattern or color, and whether or not it comes with the base. You’ll be snuggling up in your cozy new chair in no time at all.