The Best Pearl Necklaces For Women

Revered for its lustrous exterior, the pearl is a timeless treasure considered one of a kind because it's the only type of gem to be made by a living organism. These days, pearls come from a variety of sources. While natural and cultured pearls are considered authentic, imitation pearls still have an elegant look without breaking the bank. Whatever you prefer, the right pearls can easily elevate an everyday outfit or take a formal one over the top. Read on for our favorite pearl necklaces that will add a beautiful touch to any look.

Pavoi Sterling Silver Round Faux Pearl Necklace

Pearls, all day every day

Pearls are quite delicate, but this faux pearl option makes daily wear convenient without sacrificing style.
Best Overall

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Because they have such an understated but undeniable beauty, pearls are a wonderful gemstone to wear daily. Pavoi’s princess-length faux pearl necklace is ideal for everyday wear because it’s well-made, yet offered at a price point that makes sense. The sterling silver-plated clasp is sturdy, large, and easy to handle. Despite being faux pearls, their luster is quality and you can’t tell that they aren’t “real.” While the cord that runs through the pearls might be stiff, give it time to loosen up a bit. Overall, we recommend this necklace for an elegant look that you can wear without worry day in and day out.


  • Beautifully wrapped and great as a gift
  • Great value and look
  • Perfect to wear every day without fear of damage


  • Clasp isn’t super sturdy, but you can easily have it replaced with a clasp of your choice

Aisansty Long Faux Pearl Necklace

The perfect layers

Sometimes more is more, as is the case with this long necklace, which is as versatile as it is stylish.
Best Layered

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Pearls are already a versatile gemstone — they work as well with a simple tee and jeans combo as they do with a cocktail dress — but Aisansty’s long pearl necklace takes versatility to another level. These are high-quality imitation pearls made of glass with an impressive 69-inch-long strand, so they can be wrapped and draped as you see fit. Wear it as one long strand or layer it as two, three, or more strands for a textured look. We can envision this for a ’20s or Great Gatsby-themed party, as elevated Mardi Gras beads, or any special occasion, really. We recommend thinking outside the box, too. Layer the necklace as a crown or use it to accessorize a wide-brimmed hat — whatever you decide, the world is your oyster (pun intended).


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Great accessory for costume parties
  • Has a nice weight to it and is durable


  • No clasp, though it’s not needed for this necklace; still, some prefer having one

The Pearl Source Cultured Pearl Necklace

The real thing

If you want authentic pearls at a great value, this is your go-to option.
Highest Quality

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If you’re looking for an authentic pearl necklace, The Pearl Source is the way to go. This necklace is one of the most classic options and features round, freshwater cultured pearls that are imported directly from pearl farms in China. The pearls are beautifully shaped and The Pearl Source prides itself on using handpicked pearls with a superior luster. The clasp is made of genuine 925 sterling silver, and the strands are double-knotted with a durable silk thread. As with any strand of pearls, this necklace is versatile and great for everyday wear, but this genuine necklace truly adds that special something extra.


  • A beautiful clasp that features a double safety mechanism for additional security
  • Comes in a beautiful box that makes it ideal for gifts
  • Great value for genuine pearls


  • Strand necklaces might not always be as practical for everyday wear

G.Rui & Niao Single Floating Pendant Cultured Pearl Necklace

Simple and sweet

This clean, refined pearl necklace is essential for everyday wear, and we promise you won't want to take it off.
Best Minimalist Option

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While we love a timeless strand of pearls, there’s something really refreshing and captivating about a single pearl pendant necklace. G.Rui & Niao’s necklace is our pick if you’re looking for something elegant and minimalist. Threaded with a sterling silver chain, the single gemstone on this necklace is a freshwater cultured pearl with a superior luster. We like that it’s not like a traditional pendant necklace, which would typically have a bail, which is the part that attaches to a pendant and is where the chain is looped through. That means the pearl won’t slip or fall off, and that extra peace of mind is always great, especially when it comes to jewelry.


  • Provides a clean, elegant touch to any outfit without being too flashy
  • Chain is plated in white gold


  • Spring ring clasp doesn’t feel as sturdy as other clasp types

Viki Lynn Cultured Black Pearl Pendant

The rare find

Stand out from the crowd with this bold black pearl necklace, which adds an expected touch to any outfit.
Most Unique

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Pearls come in different colors, from timeless ivory to cream, pink, grey — and even black. Tahitian black pearls come from black lip oysters, and colors can range from graphite to silver to darker shades that look almost black. These rare, darker-hued colors have a magical look that is a result of the culturing process. The pearl’s green and purple undertones give the pearl a multifaceted look. We love the graceful sweep of the silver part of the pendant, which offsets the pearl. All things considered, Viki Lynn’s necklace is a stunning and statement-making piece.


  • The sterling silver chain is plated in 18k gold
  • Easy to swap in another chain for a different look
  • Makes for a unique and memorable gift


  • The colors on these pearls can vary greatly, so you won’t know the exact hue you’ll get

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for pearls?

When it comes to authentic pearls, you’ll need to handle them with care. The golden rule is to put them on last when you’re going out and take them off first when you get home. Wipe them with a soft and clean cloth to remove oils and debris, and never wear them while showering or swimming, as the lustrous surface can be affected by soaps, shampoos, and other cosmetics.

What else should I consider when buying pearls?

We recommend thinking of your age and intended use. Authentic pearls are a sizeable investment (albeit a worthwhile one), so if you’re ready to make the leap, go for it. However, if you don’t want to bother with care and maintenance, faux pearls are also a great option since they look very close to the real thing. Before you purchase any pearls, make sure you know what size the pearls are, and be sure that’s the size you want, too.