The Best Phone Ring Holders

Phone rings are a quick and easy way to personalize your phone while giving you maximum control as you use it. If, like many of us, you're practically glued to your phone, you know a bit too well the strain that it can cause on your fingers and hand. The best phone rings relieve your hands from this strain. Today, you can find countless options for phone rings, including some that double as a kickstand that you can use to prop up your phone while watching movies or doing video chats. Truthfully, once you try a phone ring, you'll understand what all the fuss is about. And if you're anything like us, you'll wonder why in the world you waited so long to find the perfect one for your phone.

Fitfort Phone Ring Holder Kickstand

Get a Grip

If having a firm grip on your phone ring is a must-have for you, then the 3M adhesive of this style will satisfy all your needs. This phone ring features a secure grip that adheres to textured phone cases and more.
Best Overall

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If you’re new to the whole phone ring holder game, this one by Fitfort is a great way to start. The Fitfort phone ring holder comes with a multi-functional design that will change the way you use your phone forever. The design comes with strong, magnetic adhesion that keeps the phone stable when you’re driving. It also uses 3M tape, which doesn’t leave any marks on your phone, so no need to worry about having to scrape that sticky gunk off if you ever want to take the ring off. This phone ring is made to support 360-degree rotation and will stabilize at a 180-degree flip-angle to work as a kickstand.


  • Thanks to the flip angle design, it also doubles as a kickstand
  • The flat, comfort-fit design works perfect on all flat surfaces
  • It’s compatible with magnetic holders, and the 3M tape attaches to all textured cases


  • The adhesive is not reusable, so you might have to buy adhesive replacements
  • It’s not designed to work with wireless charging devices

El Sonador Transparent Phone Ring Stand Holder

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

This phone ring is perfect for the true fashionistas out there. It gives your phone the spunky and shiny touch you want while giving you a good grip as you snap your latest selfie.
Best Clear

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Obviously, you’re looking for a phone ring holder that gives you support. But who says it can’t be stylish, too? This transparent phone ring stand holder from El Sonador is the perfect combination of functionality and support. It features a sparkling ring design with beautiful crystals that transform your phone into glittery magic. Because it features a transparent setting, you don’t have to worry about your phone ring messing up the design of your phone case. As you can see, it’s all about keeping it fashionable with this option.


  • The fun, transparent design helps you keep showcasing the unique design of your phone case
  • The 360-degree rotation gives you maximum comfort while the 180-degree flip angle makes it work as a kickstand when you need it


  • The adhesive is not reusable, and it does leave a sticky residue after detaching
  • It features a sticky adhesive that won’t work with leather or textured surfaces, thus narrowing your compatible phone case options

Lamicall Ring Holder Finger Stand

The One with Multiple Functions

Don't be fooled by this tiny magnetic phone ring – it comes with hidden multi-functions that make it a favorite among users.
Best Magnetic

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The Lamicall ring stand touts a high-quality design and comes with a metal base that can attach to car phone mounts. This design comes with an adjustable ring that’s strong enough to hold your phone on a desk or tabletop, both in landscape and portrait positions. The Lamicall ring holder’s finger stand also doubles as a cable winder, so you can keep your headphones handy without the cables getting in the way.


  • The design features an adjustable stand that securely holds your phone in portrait or landscape position
  • The ring easily doubles as a cable winder to keep things like charging cables or headphones tidy


  • The strong 3M adhesive won’t work on textured surfaces or with wireless charging devices
  • The design is not compatible with larger devices

Humixx Phone Ring Holder

The Perfect Fit for Large Fingers

Those with larger hands and fingers understand the struggle of tiny phone rings a bit too well. But, with this fabulous phone ring, their fingers won't have to suffer.
Best for Big Hands

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Everyone with large hands or fingers understands the struggle of trying to use a phone with ring holders a bit too well. More than anything, you want a phone ring holder that features a larger diameter, right? Now, there’s a solution with this design from Humixx. The ring features a comfort-fit style to make it super comfortable while you hold it. Their new versions feature an all-in-one structure that offers excellent stability and gives you peace of mind as you’ll know that pieces won’t suddenly come loose. Because the ring is a bit bigger than others, it also works well with tablets and extra-large phones.


  • Designed to feel comfortable for those with bigger fingers and larger phones or tablets
  • The design is compatible with most magnetic phone holder
  • It features a 360-degree free rotation mechanism to maximize comfort


  • The ring isn’t compatible with wireless charging devices
  • The 3M adhesive won’t work on textured surfaces, including leather cases

LoveHandle Phone Grip

The Flexible Phone Ring Alternative

If the traditional phone ring isn't your thing, you can still get something similar with this flexible soft handle for your phone. This design offers you the same support as traditional phone rings – but with more flexibility.
Most Flexible Design

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If the idea of the traditional phone ring doesn’t quite suit your style, perhaps a more flexible option might amuse you. In essence, the LoveHandle phone grip does everything you’re looking for in a phone ring. But instead of being this plastic or metal ring, you have an elastic strap that lets you loop various fingers through it to give you the ultimate grip on your phone. This elastic strap is just as sturdy and secure as your traditional phone ring holder. It just gives you a bit more flexibility and comfort while wearing.


  • The soft elastic strap adapts to your hand and finger size for maximum comfort
  • The open-loop design helps you fit multiple fingers at once for a better grip


  • After continuous use, the elastic stretches out, making it not ideal for long-term use
  • The soft design doesn’t work as a kickstand

Frequently Asked Questions

On what part of your phone should you attach your phone ring?

The location you choose to stick to your phone ring depends on your preference. Most people choose to place it in the middle of their phones, mostly because it looks good. However, another popular choice is to put it on the lower half portion of your phone. Ideally, you will want to place it by the side of your camera if you usually use your phone with your right hand, or on the other side if you’re left-handed.

How do you remove your phone ring?

Usually, you should be able to remove your phone ring with a bit of pressure. However, some people use dental floss to slice the tape away and help detach it. If you’re still having trouble, then consider gently using a sharp knife to lift the phone ring and remove it. Some residue might remain. In this case, a cloth with alcohol should help you get rid of the sticky residue.

Can you reuse the phone rings?

It depends. Some phone ring holders will include a reusable adhesive tape that you can readjust and use again. However, that’s not the case for all phone ring holders. Once you place the ring, it will stay there. The best solution is to find a phone ring holder with reusable tape or one that provides more tape for you to reuse your ring in case you misplace it.