The Best Silk Scarves

If you want a new closet staple that's both comfortable and versatile, a silk scarf is an excellent choice. These scarves are soft, smooth, and lightweight, and they can be worn in a wide variety of ways. To help you find the silk scarf that's perfect for your wardrobe collection, we've found and reviewed the best ones available to purchase today. Read on to find the scarf that's absolutely perfect for you.

Andantino Mulberry Silk Scarf

Short But Sweet

This adorable silk scarf may be small, but that doesn't take away from its magnificent style.
Best Small Size

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If smaller scarves fit in with your style, you’ve got to see this mulberry silk scarf made by Andantino. It’s designed with a square shape and it measures 21″ x 21″, making it perfect for use as a neck scarf, small hairpiece, and more.

This silk scarf is soft, breathable, and extremely comfortable to wear. It comes in a wide variety of fun and fashionable prints, and it’s even sold at a more affordable price than most silk scarves on the market today.


  • Made of 100% real silk
  • It comes in a beautiful package, making it perfect for gifting to friends and loved ones


  • This scarf isn’t large enough for some common silk scarf styles, such as hanging hairpieces, shawls, and more

Beillonesc Long Silk Scarf

Wrap Me Up

Because this cozy silk scarf is extra long, you can wear it in so many different ways.
Best Long Scarf

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Long silk scarves are fun and versatile pieces, and this scarf from Beillonesc is no exception. It measures 71″ long and 35″ wide, making it perfect for any type of silk scarf look.

It comes in a variety of solid colors (both neutral and bright), so you can match it up with almost any outfit. It has that classic smooth and lightweight feel that silk scarves offer, and it’s even available at a fairly affordable price.


  • This long-length silk scarf can be used as a shawl or sun cover as well as a regular scarf
  • It comes in many different colors, so you can pick the shade that best matches your personal style


  • This needs to be hand-washed in cold water, as it will not hold up well if it is placed in the washing machine or dryer

YMXHHB Silk Fashion Scarf

Strut Your Style

This silk scarf comes in tons of beautiful patterns, so you can pick the look that suits you best.
Best Design Variety

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There’s just something special about patterned silk scarves, and this one from YMXHHB is proof of that. This stunning scarf comes in a wide variety of designs, so you can look through and choose the one (or two or three) you like best.

This one is made in a large size, measuring 70″ long and 35″ wide. It will work as a scarf, shawl, and more, so you can create an endless number of outfits with this one beautiful and versatile piece.


  • This long silk scarf is available at a more affordable price than most
  • The pattern choices allow it to fit many different fashion tastes
  • You can save on the price by purchasing a two-pack of these silk scarves (available in a variety of designs as well)


  • Isn’t sold in solid colors (which some people tend to prefer for a more neutral look)

Invisible World Hand-Painted Silk Scarf

Something A Little Extra Special

This silk scarf was hand-painted with care for you to enjoy.
Best Hand-Painted

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Silk scarves are always special, but this one’s a bit more outstanding than most. It’s handpainted with care using French dyes, and the edges are rolled and stitched by hand, too. All of this makes it a high-quality piece.

This silk scarf has a medium size, as it measures 55″ long and 16.5″ wide. It is available in a variety of beautiful floral prints, and it’s easy to clean by hand-washing and hang-drying it.


  • This silk scarf comes with a card explaining the care it was made with, making it a perfect gift
  • The available designs match many different fashion tastes


  • This silk scarf has a higher price point than most, but its unique features and quality design are worth it to many

Salutto Van Gogh Silk Scarf

That's Very Van Gogh Of You

This gorgeous silk scarf comes in multiple Van Gogh-inspired designs so that you can express yourself while paying homage to one of the greats.
Most Unique

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If you’re a fan of famous artwork or if you’re an artist yourself, you may just love this unique silk scarf from Salutto. It’s made with Van Gogh’s masterpieces printed on its surface, so you can show off a little piece of classic beauty no matter where you go.

This silk scarf has a medium size, measuring 60″ long and 16.5″ wide. It is made of 100% real silk and it’s just as soft (and stunning) as you’d imagine.


  • This silk scarf comes in many designs, each matching a different Van Gogh masterpiece
  • Its size makes it perfect for a variety of silk scarf styles


  • This scarf has a higher price point than others due to its unique and well-crafted design options

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common fashion ideas for these silk scarves?

Silk scarves can be used as regular scarves, small neckties, hairpieces, shawls, and more. The best way to find inspiration is to look to those who’ve used silk scarves in a way you admire. Browse fashion magazines or the internet for examples that inspire you.