The Best Singing Bowls for Meditation

Have you thought about adding a singing bowl to your meditation routine? Touting a storied history that goes back thousands of years, this ancient instrument's bell tones harmonize in a way that helps ease the mind into deeper states of relaxation. As your stress dissipates, you'll feel your meditation practice take on a quality of clarity and peace. How does it work? Well, first off, to make your singing bowl sings, you'll need to utilize the mallet that it comes with. By using the motion of your arm to firmly push the mallet in a circle around the rim of the bowl, you'll hear a clear tone, though it might take some practice to achieve this sound consistently. Once you get it though, you'll know. If you're ready to relax your brain and get rid of your stress, here are a few of the highest-quality and most cost-friendly singing bowls for you to try.

Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Ohm My Gosh

You can bring this singing bowl with you to yoga class, on vacation, or anywhere else since it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Best Overall

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This beautiful Tibetan singing bowl set produces mesmerizing tones. It’s been handcrafted by Nepalese artisans to ensure you’ve got a unique model to be proud of. This bowl fits easily in your hand and comes with a hand-sewn cushion you can rest it on, too. The wooden striker is easy to use.

Once you start producing the peaceful tones you’ve been oh-so-patiently dreaming of, you’ll probably want to incorporate this singing bowl into your self-care routine. It’s perfect to use during yoga, meditation, and other healing practices. Aside from its functional purposes, it also looks gorgeous as a decor piece on a shelf or tabletop, and it makes a great conversation starter, too.


  • Handcrafted from high-quality materials, so it’ll last a long time
  • Sized for portability, so you can bring it with you when you travel
  • Option of ordering with a lovely gift box if you’re planning on giving it to someone else


  • The striker has a bit of a rough texture, so it may not feel great in your hands at first

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Grip Onto Your Mallet, Not Your Thoughts

You'll be able to achieve clean tones quickly thanks to this dual-surface, pencil-grip mallet.
Best for Beginners

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If you’re just getting started with a singing bowl, this one makes for a fine option. It comes with everything you need to get that bowl a-singin’. You get the bowl, a dual surface mallet, and a pretty silk cushion on which to rest it. You also get access to several eBooks that’ll help you learn more about the art of using a singing bowl. With all of these resources, you should be creating clean, crisp sounds before you know it.

As far as size goes, this is a small singing bowl that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Kids can even hold this one if you want them to join you. The design is beautiful, so you won’t mind having it in any room in your home.


  • Simple to create longer-lasting sounds thanks to the size of the bowl and the design of the mallet so that you can enjoy the tones for longer
  • Thick hand-sewn cushion helps to stabilize the sound you hear for better results.
  • Mallet is comfortable to hold, so it won’t distract from your practice


  • Sound isn’t very loud, so you’ll want to be sure to use it in a quiet space

Satnam Tibetan Brass Meditation Singing Bowl Set

Dharma's Uncountable Colors

With several different color options to choose from, you'll be able to find a singing bowl with an appearance that inspires tranquility.
Best Quality

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When it comes to this singing bowl set, you’ve got options. With six different colorful designs to choose from, there are also two options that come with beautiful gift boxes, making them a great option to give to someone who’s aiming to deepen their practice with a singing bowl. All of these bowls are made from a blend of seven metals, so you get a clear, resonant sound.

In this set, you’ll get a small singing bowl, a mallet, a cushion, and a prayer flag, too. The mallet is wooden and easy to hold. Simple enough, right? You’ll be making sounds resonate throughout the room before you know it.


  • High-quality bowl that will last for a long time
  • Has a 4-inch diameter that’s perfect for holding in one hand or bringing with you
  • Comes with prayer flags which look nice hanging in your home


  • There are words on the Tibetan prayer flags, but they are not translated into English so you may need to do some Google Translate work to see what it says

Topfund F Note Crystal Singing Bowl

Let Yourself (and Your Singing Bowl) Be Carried Away

You'll be able to safely store this quartz crystal singing bowl in the padded carrying case it comes with.
Best Quartz Bowl

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Though metal singing bowls are the most common, metal is not the only material these instruments are made from. We present to you Exhibit A. This large, stunningly crafted singing bowl is made from pure quartz crystal. Unlike metal bowls that create a variety of tones, crystal bowls only produce one sound at a time. It’s a bit of a different experience, but many prefer the single tone to a harmonious blend of other pitches. This singing bowl is tuned for an F-note – the note that’s typically associated with the heart chakra.

This set comes with everything you need to get started. You’ll get a rubber O-ring to place the bowl on while you play. You’ll also receive a suede striker, a set of well-written directions, and a padded carrying case. The case will keep your singing bowl safe when it’s not in use, and allow you to easily transport it without worry.


  • Beautiful quartz crystal bowl that will look great anywhere in your house or in a yoga studio
  • Padded case for storage and transport so you’re less likely to break your bowl
  • Everything fits inside the case, so you don’t have to worry about losing the O-ring or mallet


  • Crystal singing bowls are different from metal ones, so if you’re used to a metal one, this might sound strange to you

Healing Waves Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Perfect Harmony Set

This set includes a singing bowl and seven Chakra crystal stones to help you calm that onslaught of thoughts and promote relaxation.
Best with Crystals

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Are you trying to become more familiar with meditation and energetic healing practices? This set can help. It comes with a small Tibetan singing bowl, a wooden mallet for playing, a cushion, and seven chakra healing crystals. The bowl is handcrafted from seven metals as well as molten meteorites from the Himalayas. Suffice it to say, it’ll hold up to a lot of use.

On the practical level, there’s a small velvet pouch to keep your stones in. That way you won’t lose any when you’re not using them. The seven crystals are thought to coordinate with the key focal points of your body.


  • Wooden striker with suede on one end for a different sound quality
  • Bowl is a small size, but it doesn’t sacrifice on sound quality. You’ll appreciate the way this sounds.


  • You may have a bit of a learning curve since this comes with both crystals and the singing bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you successfully play a singing bowl?

If you’ve never gotten your singing bowl to make beautiful notes, don’t worry. Like any other musical instrument, it takes time and practice. Your hand placement might feel awkward at first, but (as if you need our encouragement) don’t give up. You want to make sure you’re in a comfortable position. Then, hold the bowl in the palm of one hand. Don’t let it rest on your fingers – just use your palm to keep it flat. Now, use your other hand to grab the mallet. Strike the bowl to begin the initial sound. Next, use your arm to rotate the mallet around the top of the bowl. You want to keep the mallet pressed firmly against the bowl the whole time. This will build the vibration, which will make the sound resonate.

What size singing bowl should I get?

Small singing bowls are designed to be held in one hand. They are typically six inches in diameter or less. This miniature size makes them lightweight and portable so that you can bring your singing bowl with you. There are also medium and large size singing bowls. Medium ones tend to be up to eight inches in diameter. They are a little harder to hold, though, and the vibrations make it easier to accidentally drop the bowl while you play. Make sure you hold on tightly. The sound that medium singing bowls make is different – it’s more like the human voice. Finally, you can find large singing bowls. These are used at gatherings or in other public events. They can be up to a couple of feet in diameter. For home use, most people start with a small or medium size bowl. However, the choice is ultimately yours to make. Try out a variety and see which ones help you relax the most.