The Best Ski Socks for Men

When it comes to skiing, having the right equipment is vital to having a fun day on the slopes. But in addition to the expected things like skis, boots, and goggles, there's one thing that people often forget: ski socks. Having the right socks will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable so that you can go on countless runs and still stay comfortable. And even when you're not hitting the slopes, you can pop these super toasty socks on to keep your dogs warm. Check out our favorite ski socks for men to pick your newest pair.

WEIERYA Ski Socks 2 Paris Pack for Skiing

The Warm Cotton Socks You've Been Missing

These ski socks are designed for optimum performance.
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Designed to compress your muscles, support your Achilles tendon, and protect your ankles, these socks will deliver all-day comfort. Made with advanced technology, the socks will perfectly fit your foot in your ski boots and keep your feet warm and dry all day. The weave, cushioned heel, and smooth toe stitching are all thoughtful details that set this sock apart. Plus, the moisture-wicking material will keep your feet dry and provide added breathability.


  • The cotton, chinlon, and spandex blend fabric will keep your feet dry
  • The sock has built-in ankle protection and Achilles tendon support to keep you comfortable
  • The midweight thickness of the fabric is designed to keep you warm, even when you’re on the slopes all day


  • The socks run a bit large
  • They are not thick socks designed for extremely cold weather conditions

AKASO Warm Wool Ski Men’s Socks

High-Tech, Thermal Wool Socks

This innovative design will keep cold air out, thanks to the warm wool construction.
Best Wool

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Advanced-engineered hollow fiber ensures that these wool socks trap in heat, keep out cold air, and keep your feet warm, even on the coldest days. Made from 100% recycled material, the Merino wool socks are the perfect layer of insulation under your ski boots for the best blend of warmth and breathability. The seamless style doesn’t have a toe-seam to remove irritation and the inner terry loop lining delivers cushioning and comfort for extra support. Designed to fit snuggly and smoothly under your boots, you’ll wish you’d ordered these socks sooner.


  • The high socks are made from Merino wool for warm and cozy all-day wear
  • The socks were thoughtfully designed without a toe seam to avoid irritation
  • The Lycra fabric hugs your calves and feet to create a thin and comfortable layer in ski boots


  • The socks are very thick, which can make ski boots snug
  • They run thin through the calf, which can cause fit problems for some people

Soared Ski Socks

Double the Socks for Double the Fun

This two-pack gives an extra pair of amazing-quality socks.
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In these thoughtfully-designed socks, a little extra padding goes a long way. The calf-length style is warm and breathable thanks to moisture-wicking material that will keep feet dry and fresh for hours. The 80% cotton fabric will also keep your feet warm without feeling constricting, and high elasticity ensures you don’t get sore spots or irritation. That also means your socks will stay up in your boots. Whether you wear them skiing or for other outdoor activities like snowboarding, cycling, or hiking, these socks are a must-have.


  • The socks come in a set of two for double the value
  • The high elasticity of the socks ensures that they stay up all day, even underneath ski boots
  • The toe, heel, and shin have extra padding for added protection and comfort


  • The cotton blend fabric isn’t as warm as wool
  • The socks are only available in two different colors

Columbia unisex adult Omni Heat Over the Cal Mountain Range Medium Weight Socks

A Ski Sock That's Also Fashionable

This sock blends form and function for amazing results.
Best Pattern

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A blend of merino wool, polyester, nylon, and spandex is the perfect medium-weight fabric for a day hitting the slopes. The over-the-calf socks have breathability and stretch for extra comfort and support, plus muted monochromatic hues for added a touch of fashion. The calf features a stylish stripe to add a pop of color, and the machine-washable design is the perfect athletic option for skiing, snowboarding, or other outdoor activities.


  • The socks are a Merino wool blend to deliver warmth without bulk
  • The contrasting strips on the calf add a hint of style
  • The socks can be machine washed for easy maintenance


  • The socks run snug to ensure they stay put under your ski boots
  • They’re a bit thin around the calves

High Performance Wool Ski Socks

A Wool Ski Sock You Won't Want to Take Off

This premium blend balances the best of comfort and thickness.
Best High-Performance

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Made from merino wool, these socks instantly wick away moisture to keep you comfortable all day. The blend of nylon, wool, and spandex helps you regulate your temperature so your feet don’t overheat. Plus, the medium thickness strikes the perfect balance between lightweight and cushioned. Extra padding in the shin, ankle, and foot protect areas where your boots may rub, and the versatile sock can be used for both downhill and cross country skiing—or any other outdoor cold-weather sport. Experience what it’s like to level-up your ski experience with the right accessories.


  • The socks are a blend of merino wool, nylon, polypropylene, and spandex to keep your feet warm and help them regulate temperature
  • The socks have special knitting techniques that add cushion to the shin, ankle, and foot
  • The arch features special elastic support to reduce fatigue from skiing all day


  • Over time, the socks may pill like many wool pieces
  • The side seam of the sock has stitching which can irritate your ski boots if too tight

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ski socks and compression socks the same thing?

Not necessarily. Some ski socks are designed to compress your calf and foot to increase circulation, which will keep your feet and toes warmer for longer. Other ski socks, however, are designed with special padding and support but don’t specifically compress your leg.

What socks are best for skiing?

Ski socks are a personal preference. While some people prefer very thin ski socks in their boots for added mobility and comfort, others prefer thicker, warmer styles to keep their feet warm. Whichever you choose, be sure they fit in your ski boots properly for the best and most comfortable experience.

Is it bad to wear two pairs of ski socks?

Wearing two pairs of ski socks will reduce the benefits. Things like breathability, cushioning, and support can be negatively impacted by layering the socks together. It can also cause bunching and irritation in your ski boots, which can lead to discomfort or pain.

How many pairs of ski socks do I need?

We recommend at least a couple of pairs to get you through the week. Many of the options on our list come in 2- or 4-packs.