The Best Watch Boxes

A watch is an important daily accessory that not only adds a touch of personality but also keeps you running on time. When you are not wearing your cherished watch, it's important to store it in a place where it will be safe and secure. That's where watch boxes come in. Give your watch collection the perfect home with one of these watch boxes that hit all the marks. From sleek and sophisticated to stylish and modern, find your favorite today.

NEX 6 Slot Leather Watch Box

A timeless classic

This sleek design will never go out of style, so you can use it for years.
Best Overall

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This streamlined watch box is beautiful and functional. The unique design is expertly crafted with a waterproof, artificial leather exterior and a velvet interior to keep your watches protected. The interior has six watch slots that can hold both small and large watches, making it a perfect option for both men and women. The real glass lid keeps your watches safe and also allows you to admire them even when the box is closed. You can also remove the watch pillows to use the box as a more versatile storage solution.


  • Sophisticated black artificial leather exterior that is stylish and waterproof
  • The box can hold six watches of varying size, or you can remove the pillows for added storage
  • A real glass lid protects your watches from scratches and dust


  • Only available in black for a more classic look
  • The box locks for added security, but you’ll need to keep track of the key to gain access

Aokelily Automatic Watch Winder

Wind me up

This case quietly rotates self-winding watches to ensure that they're always ticking in time.
Best Watch Winder

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As many of us already know from experience, self-winding watches often need a little more movement to fully “charge up”. That’s why this handsome case from Aokelily does more than just store your watch. Hidden inside the box is a motor that rotates your watch periodically, allowing self-winding watches to get a manual charge and regular watches to glint in the light.  To help make sure your clock keeps ticking, Aokelily is a safe buy.


  • Made from high quality materials like PU leather
  • The motor is virtually silent, so it won’t distract you even if placed right on a desk
  • Rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise intermittently to ensure your watch is wound


  • Probably not the first choice for those that don’t have a watch that needs winding

Ogrmar 12 Slot Lockable Watch Box

The more the merrier

As your watch collection grows, reach for this large watch storage box from Ogrmar.
Most Storage Space

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If you have a watch collection, one tiny box isn’t going to cut it. This 12-slot watch storage box from Ogrmar has ample storage space for a collection of watches. It even has a sliding drawer for storing other knickknacks like rings, necklaces, and keys. Opening the sturdy top feels smooth and satisfying, so you can see your collection laid out in front of you and pick the right watch for the occasion. It’s a classy watch box that comes at a bargain price, so we say grab one while you can.


  • The top of the box has a glass display window
  • Includes a small lock with keys
  • Great price


  • If you have many bulky watches, you should check the dimensions of this option to make sure they’ll fit

Readaeer Leather Watch Box Display Case

Affordable and stylish

If collecting watches has left you with few funds to spare, consider this inexpensive option from Readaeer.
Best On A Budget

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For those shopping on a budget, this pick from Readaeer will seem like a dream come true. Though the price is low, the appearance is that of a luxury display case, with PU leather lining, velvety removeable pillows, and a real glass window on the top. We were blown away by how much bang for your buck this option offers. Available in 6-, 10-, and 12-slot sizes, this Readaeer watch box is a great way to save money and the lifespan of your watches.


  • Available in different sizes and color options
  • The soft pillow watches are super soft
  • Looks classy without costing much


  • It may have a smell from the manufacturing process when first removed from the packaging, though this dissipates fairly quickly

CHIYODA Single Automatic Watch Winder

A class act

The dark wood style and square shape make this watch box a classy option.
Most Elegant Display

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With a high-gloss lacquered finish, this wooden box is exquisite. The design is handcrafted and features an organic glass window to allow you to admire your watch from afar. The noise-isolating design limits annoying sounds and the watch winder has three directions and 12 settings to make it perfect for any automatic watch on the market. You can also charge the winder using AC or DC power for added versatility.


  • Deep walnut, high-gloss finish that is elegant and classic
  • Clear organic glass window that lets you admire your watch from anywhere, even when the lid is closed
  • The winder has 12 settings so you can use it with almost any automatic watch


  • The winder needs power in order to work, but batteries aren’t included
  • The box is only available in a dark wooden finish

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a watch box?

Watch boxes are the perfect storage for watches to keep them safe from scratches, dust, and debris. Luxury or automatic watches can be stored in a watch box that is also a watch winder to keep it running when it’s not being worn.

Where should I store my watches?

It’s best to keep watches in a place where they will stay dry, cool, and safe. Things like heat, moisture, and humidity can cause damage to the internal gears of your watch and cause it to stop running properly. Storing watches in a watch box can help protect them against these natural elements.

How do I choose a watch box?

Choosing your watch box is a very personal decision. Things like the finish, the lining, and the hardware are all aesthetic choices that you can make to pick a design you love. Just be sure that the design is sturdy and has an interior lining and pillow to better protect your watch.