The Best Waterproof Boots for Women

Waterproof boots are a wardrobe staple. They keep your feet dry on gray, rainy days, and if you pick the right pair, they look good, too. To help you find your next pair of stylish, waterproof boots, we've found and reviewed the best ones on the market today. Read on to find the pair that is perfect for you.

Sperry Women’s Saltwater Boots

Rainy Day Style

These stunning waterproof boots are made to keep you feeling dry while looking good.
Best Overall

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If you’re looking for top-of-the-line, fashionable waterproof boots, these Sperry Saltwater boots are a perfect choice. They’re stylish enough for everyday wear while also keeping you dry when rainy days and puddles come about.

These waterproof boots are made with high-quality leather and comfortable fleece for a long-lasting, durable feel. Their rubber soles are 100% waterproof and great for grip on slippery surfaces, too. They’re even designed to keep your feet warm on those colder-than-normal wet days.


  • These women’s waterproof boots come in tons of different colors and materials so you can pick the style that best suits your personal look
  • They’re got zippers on the side for your convenience
  • They’re made by a brand that’s known for creating high-quality footwear


  • Only the lower sections of these boots are completely waterproof, so they may not be the best for extra-deep puddles

Asgard Women’s Ankle Rain Boots

Slip on, Slip Off

These women's waterproof boots go on with ease, so you don't have to yank and tug to fit your feet into them.
Easiest to Put On

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Boots are great, but the arduous struggle that often comes with putting them on and pulling them off is not. These women’s waterproof boots are game-changers though, as they’re easy to slip on and off without you having to worry about untying, unzipping, or even bending over.

These boots are made from a rubber material, allowing them to be completely waterproof, even if your foot becomes submerged in a puddle. They have a simple yet stylish look, and they’re available at a price point that lands much lower than the rest.


  • Have foam insoles for added comfort
  • Their short design makes them look good with almost any outfit
  • They can be worn in any type of weather (since they don’t resemble the typical rainboots sold today)


  • These may not be the best option for cold, rainy weather — unless you pair them with a pair of extra-warm socks

Hunter Women’s Short Rain Boots

Anytime, Anywhere

These heavy-duty and stylish waterproof boots will keep your feet dry through the hardest rains and largest puddles.
Most Heavy-Duty

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There’s something special about pulling out a pair of Hunter rain boots on a dreary rainy day. These waterproof boots are stylish, durable, and able to keep you dry in any type of weather. Their tall design will keep you from getting wet even in the deepest puddles.

The boots are made of rubber and have an impressive amount of grip on the bottom to help keep you safe in inclement weather conditions. They come in tons of fun colors (neutral shades, too), so you can pick the look that best suits your style.


  • These boots have a multi-layer cushion inside for your comfort
  • They are put together by hand to ensure the highest possible quality
  • The Hunter logo at the top sets these boots apart from other women’s waterproof boots available today


  • These come with a higher price tag than most women’s waterproof boots

Western Chief Women’s Waterproof Boot

Brighten the Gray Days

There's something special about pulling out bright and cheery boots on a gray, rainy day.
Best Patterned

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If you’re wanting a boot that will brighten up your rainy days, these Western Chief women’s waterproof boots are an excellent choice. They come in tons of fun patterns and colors, from floral prints to polka dots and plaid, giving you plenty of options to match up with your personal preferences.

These boots are made of rubber, so they provide a great grip, and they’re waterproof all the way to the top. They are easy to slip on and off with their wide, buckled leg opening, and their lining is extra cozy thanks to the cotton and polyester material.


  • Durable and made to last for many seasons
  • They have cushiony inserts for added comfort
  • Their impressive waterproofing will keep you dry in both rain and puddles


  • These are best suited for rainy days rather than everyday wear

Timberland Women’s Waterproof Boots

Work Hard, Stay Dry

These women's waterproof boots are perfect for work or fashion, and they'll keep you dry in any type of weather.
Best Work Boot

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Timberlands may not be what immediately comes to mind when you think about women’s waterproof boots, but if you’re looking for a standout option, they’re an excellent choice. Their style is perfect for everyday wear, and their waterproofing will keep you dry in any type of weather.

These boots are heavy-duty, making them perfect for hitting the streets or heading outside and getting to work. They’re made of 100% leather and their soles are durable and traction-filled, so you can trust the quality of the boots for years to come.


  • Available in a variety of shades, so you can match your personal style
  • The padded footbeds and collars help them feel comfortable, even with their heavy build
  • Their style is much different than the typical rain boot look


  • These are more expensive than many pairs of women’s waterproof boots available today

Frequently Asked Questions

Are women’s waterproof boots meant to keep your feet warm as well as dry?

Typically, the sole purpose of waterproof boots is to keep you dry. Some products are also designed to keep your feet warm and toasty. Others are designed to let your feet breathe, which is optimal if you’re using them in a warm climate or in a work setting.

Are these boots waterproof enough to walk through standing water?

If you’ll be walking through large amounts of water, you may want to choose a pair of tall rubber boots.