The Best Winter Gloves for Men

When the weather outside is frosty, you need a great pair of gloves to keep your fingers from freezing. You want gloves that are warm and easy to pull on. But you also need to get the right type of gloves. Some are thick and waterproof, designed to keep you toasty in the coldest of weather. These are the perfect pair to wear when you're shoveling snow or out enjoying sports such as snowboarding. Other pairs of gloves aren't as thick but they still keep your fingers warm for short periods of time. In these thinner gloves, you'll have better mobility and some even have special fingertips that let you still use your touchscreens. You might want to get two pairs of gloves, so you can keep your hands from freezing no matter what you're doing. To help you sort through all of the options, here are a few of our favorite pairs of winter gloves for men.

SIMARI Winter Gloves for Men

Lock in the Heat

These gloves for men are designed to hold in your body heat, so they keep you warm without the bulk.
Best Overall

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If you still want to have total control over your fingers while you’re in gloves, you need this pair. They are made from a comfortable polyester and spandex blend that conforms to your hand and is very flexible. There are silicone lines on the palm and some of the fingertips, letting you keep a grip on things without removing your gloves. Because of this design, you won’t experience a bulky sensation or loss of motion when wearing these winter gloves for men.

These gloves are also warm. Inside, there’s a soft lining made from flannel. This helps trap your body heat in, so your fingers stay toasty. The elastic at the cuff holds it snugly to your wrist, helping to block the wind from blowing in. With all these great features, these are a pair of gloves that every man should have in his wardrobe.


  • Can use your touchscreen without taking off your glove
  • Different colors are available so you can pull off a variety of styles
  • Reflective material on the back, so you’re more visible in the dark


  • Not windproof, so if you’re going to be out for extended periods of time, you might want a warmer pair.

OZERO Men’s Winter Thermal Gloves

No More Wind Chill

These winter gloves block the wind, so you can stay out in the elements for longer.
Best Tactical

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Do you need gloves you can work in? If you do, these winter gloves for men will work nicely. The outside is made from a windproof polyester that is also water-resistant. It’ll keep your hands safe when you’re out in the elements. The inside features a warm cotton lining that’s so soft and cozy. They’re not bulky, so you can still control your fingers while wearing them.

Most gloves are slippery, so when you’re trying to use a tool it’ll slide right out of your hand. You won’t have that problem with these gloves. They have silica gel particles across the palm and on two of the fingers on each hand. When you grip a tool, you can hold it tightly and use it without dropping it. They’re a great option for the working man.


  • The elastics in the wrist makes them easy to put on and take off
  • Water-resistant so you can keep working a light rain or snow without your fingers getting soaked
  • Flexible material won’t reduce your range of motion while you’re wearing them
  • Touchscreen fingertips on index finger and thumb so you can use your phone easily


  • Only come in one style
  • Not warm enough for extreme temperatures, so you’ll want to have a thicker glove for those days if you’re in a harsher climate

Winter Gloves with Deerskin Suede Leather

Frightful Weather Proof

Your hands will stay warm and dry in these comfortable gloves.
Best Insulated

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Rated to a whopping -30 degrees Fahrenheit, these are the gloves you need when it’s cold outside. The palm is made from a soft deerskin suede. This material allows you to get a good grip on things. The back of these gloves is made from a windproof polar fleece. Inside each glove, a special Heatlok system of insulation helps to hold the heat in so you stay warm without a lot of additional bulk.

The unique wrist design also helps keep the heat in. The elastic cuff is a bit longer than on many other gloves, giving you protection a little further down. This cuff clings to your body, so the cold air won’t get in. A little further up on the wrist, you’ll find a shirred design. This extra elastic band helps keep warm air from escaping, giving you two layers of protection. You can stay outside for longer in these stylish gloves.


  • Insulation to help keep your fingers from freezing, allowing you to be out in much colder temperatures
  • Deerskin leather palm for durability and enhanced grip
  • Not as bulky as many gloves, so you will still have some dexterity


  • You can’t use your smartphone in these gloves.
  • Do have leather, so if you prefer vegan materials these aren’t for you

Savior Heated Gloves for Men

Electric Gloves

Your fingers will never get cold in these gloves since they've got a built-in heater to keep you toasty.
Best Heated

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These genuine leather gloves are designed to keep your fingers warm, even when the temperature outside is dropping. At first glance, they look like a regular pair of men’s winter gloves. But these have a cozy secret. The lining inside has heating elements that are powered by lithium-ion batteries. These heaters reach around the back of your hand and extend to each of your fingers to keep your whole hand warm.

Of course, you’ll need to charge the batteries before you go out. This takes 3-4 hours. But, once they’re charged they will keep you warm for up to five hours. There are three different temperature settings, so you can make sure you stay cozy instead of boiling hot. It’s easy to adjust the settings if you’re getting too warm or too cold. Seriously, these gloves are a game-changer if you struggle with cold fingers.


  • The built-in heaters keep you warm even if you struggle with poor circulation or arthritis
  • Infrared heating elements that aren’t going to overheat and burn you
  • Has conductive leather on the index finger, so you can have some use of your phone
  • Zipper at the cuff makes them easy to put on


  • The charger is non-standard, so you can’t just use one you already have on hand
  • These gloves pack a pretty hefty price tag, so they won’t be in everyone’s budget

Ski & Snow Gloves

Hit the Slopes

You won't be heading back to the lodge with frozen fingers in these gloves.
Best for Outdoor Sports

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When you’re heading out for sporty adventures in the winter, you need a great pair of gloves, like these ski gloves. They’re designed for the great outdoors. They are windproof and waterproof to help keep your hands warm even when it’s snowing. They also have wrist straps, so you’re less likely to lose a glove if you have to take them off for any reason.

Additionally, this pair of ski gloves has reinforced synthetic leather on the palm so you can grip your poles (or other equipment) securely. You’ll be warm and ready for fun when you put these gloves on.


  • Nylon outer shell that’s weatherproof to keep you warm and dry
  • Adjustable wrist buckles to help you achieve a perfect fit
  • Breathable fabric that lets sweat out, even when you’re skiing up a storm
  • A great price point for ski gloves


  • Don’t have a size XX-L available, so if you have really big hands these won’t fit – they tend to run on the small side

Frequently Asked Questions

What size glove should I order?

If your gloves aren’t the right size, they aren’t going to do their job properly. The best way to make sure you get the right fit is to take the time to measure your hand. You’ll want to measure your dominant hand, as that one tends to be slightly larger. To measure, set your hand down with your fingers touching and your palm up. Wrap the measuring tape around your fingers but not your thumb. You’ll want to have it positioned towards the top of your palm, just below your lower knuckles. Write down the inch measurement that you get. Then, round up to the nearest half-inch to help ensure you have the right size. Then, look at the size chart for the gloves you want to order and buy the ones that match your measurement.

Are winter gloves waterproof?

Some winter gloves are waterproof and others are not. If you’re going to be out playing in the snow or working in the rain, you’ll want to wear waterproof gloves. This way the water won’t soak into your gloves and freeze your hands.