The Classiest Bow Ties for Men

There are few fashion accessories that can say as much about a person as a bowtie can. Bowties somehow find a way to be classy, outlandish, funny, and attractive all at once. They are the finishing touch on any classy wedding tuxedo, but they're also the perfect left-field choice for anyone looking to stand out at their next job interview. No matter what kind of function you need a bowtie for, our list of the classiest bowties on the market is here to be your guide. Read on to discover what kind of bowtie suits you best.

Classic Pre-Tied Bow Tie by Bow Tie House

A classic tie for a classy look

This classic pre-tied bow tie from Bow Tie House checks all the boxes and scores the top spot on our list.
Best Overall

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If you want a bow tie for all occasions, go with Bow Tie House. They offer a wide range of color options and sizes that make sure the entire family is fitted with a classic-style bow tie. Like most modern-day options, these bow ties are pre-tied, meaning putting them on straight is foolproof. Better yet, the price is about as competitive as it gets. With Bow Tie House, looking classy doesn’t mean breaking the bank.


  • Variety of sizes and color options
  • Reputable company
  • Handmade
  • Quality look and feel


  • The size recommendations are a bit inaccurate, so we recommend leaning towards the larger size if you’re on the edge

Tinyhi Pre-Tied Satin Bowtie

Go with the bow

Get formal and funky with Tinyhi's wide-ranging color variety in this pre-tied bowtie collection.
Runner Up

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The bowtie serves as a timeless yet forward-thinking fashion statement. These pre-tied satin bowties embody that dichotomy effortlessly. Tinyhi’s bowtie collection offers silky smooth satin bowties that come in a variety of different colors. The obvious choices like black and white are here, but more standout tones like light purple and rose are also featured. Despite their snazzy appearance, bowties are notorious for being particularly hard to tie. Tinyhi’s pre-tied selection takes that difficult learning curve out of the equation entirely. Not to mention, the satin finish is delightfully soft, and the adjustable clip is very user-friendly.


  • High-quality satin pre-tied bowties
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Easy to adjust


  • Might be a bit too shiny for some

Luther Pike Seattle Bow Ties for Men

Bowtie it up

These silky smooth bowties from Luther Pike Seattle are the perfect choice for your next formal party or work function.
Highest Quality

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If you’re on the lookout for some more high-quality bowties for a special occasion, Luther Pike Seattle has you covered. These bowties are not pre-tied, which might make some folks run for the hills. However, if you want the best in quality without paying a fortune, the extra effort is worth it. Right out of the box, you’ll notice the difference in quality, thanks to the precise stitching and woven microfiber materials.  when you notice the difference in quality. Pre-tied bowties are highly convenient, but as with most things, nothing beats the real deal.


  • Considering the quality, it’s a great price
  • Available in different colors and patterns
  • Sophisticated look
  • Made to last


  • Not as easy to tie as pre-tied options

Ausky Pre-Tied Bow Ties, Multi-Pack

Variety is the spice of life

Ausky offers a massive selection of multi-packs with designs and colors for every occasion.
Best Variety

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Whether you want to suit up the entire family or just want a couple of backups on hand, we recommend going with a multi-pack from Ausky. These inexpensive pre-tied bow ties slip on easily and can turn any outfit into something elegant. The materials are consistent quality and feature designs that are funky, classy, and everything in between.


  • Huge selection of patterns and designs
  • The price is a bargain


  • When you buy in bulk, you may get some bow ties that you never find the occasion to wear

Habibee Rhinestone Bowtie

Rhinestone cowboy

Be the life of the party with this eye-catching rhinestone bowtie from Habibee.
Most Eye-Catching

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If your biggest dream is to crash a party looking like a rhinestone cowboy, Habibee’s rhinestone bowtie is the best place to start. These bowties are an ideal choice for an eye-catching fashion statement. These shimmering bowties come in black or silver, and their high-quality neckbands are easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. With looks this lavish, you’d be safe to assume that Habibee’s bowties are on the pricy side. Fortunately, they’re actually rather affordable. We can’t recommend these dazzling bowties enough to anyone who wants to become the life of the next party they attend.


  • High-quality rhinestone bowties
  • They make for a great conversation piece
  • They come in black or silver


  • They may come off as gimmicky to some

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get pre-tied or traditional bowties?

Pre-tied bowties are highly convenient, comfortable to wear, and easy to adjust. Most people will not know the difference between a pre-tied bowtie and a traditional bowtie by just looking at the finished product, which causes many to choose the pre-tied option instead. However, traditional bowties are usually made of higher quality materials and tend to look sharper if tied properly. Ultimately, it’s a personal preference. If you don’t intend on wearing the bowtie very frequently, the pre-tied option should serve you just fine.

When would I wear a bowtie over a necktie?

The most common type of suit that calls for a bowtie is a tuxedo. Weddings and other formal functions may require bowties for their dress codes. Neckties are the more common choice for work wardrobes, but the bowtie is becoming a fashion favorite among younger, hip urban professionals.