The Best Barrettes for Women

If you're looking for a simple way to add some style to your hair, barrettes for women can help. These hair clips come in a variety of styles, so if you have several on hand, you'll always have something that looks great with your outfit. Barrettes can hold flyaway hair down. They can spruce up a ponytail. You can add several barrettes or stick with one or two. With so many ways to wear them, they really are a versatile item to add to your hair accessories. If you're ready for some new barrettes for women, here are some of our favorite options.

LONEEDY Beautiful Lines Simple Retro Classic Large Barettes for Women

Holds a lot of hair

This set of three barrettes for women are perfect for holding thick hair.
Best Overall

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Do you have thick hair? Some barrettes for women may not be large enough to work in your hair. If you’re looking for barrettes that were designed for thick hair, give this set a try. You get three barrettes that are each 4-inches long and 0.9-inches wide. They are made from resin and metal, and have a smooth surface. You can select between several different colored sets. They are mostly neutral colors, that will look great with almost any wardrobe. With the double clasp, they hold well and don’t easily slide out.


  • Great for thick hair
  • Smooth resin surface that’s durable
  • Double clasp that holds


  • They are large, so if you don’t have enough hair they’ll probably fall out

Scunci No-Slip Grip Open Center Stay Tight Barrettes

Stays in place

You won't have to constantly adjust these barrettes throughout the day.
Best No Slip

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If you have hair that typically falls out of barrettes, these might be a great option. They are designed to stay in place without causing damage to your hair. These metal barrettes are durable, and the no-slip grip they’re lined with really help keep them where you put them. You get six barrettes in this set, two each of three different colors. They’re a budget friendly way to add some more barrettes to your collection. They are just over two inches in length, and can hold quite a bit of hair. You need to slide the end of the battle to close it, so they can take a little practice to get the hang of.


  • No slip design so they stay in place
  • Set of six
  • Budget friendly


  • They’re hard to clasp at first

Luxurious Flower Metal French Barrettes Accessories for Women

Beautiful barrettes for women

There are lots of options to choose from, and your hair will look great in any of these beautiful designs.
Most Style Options

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With fifteen different style options to choose from, you’re sure to find some barrettes for any occasion. They come in sets of between two and six barrettes, so make sure you note how many are in the design you select. These metal barrettes are very durable. They’re made from copper, and have been carefully electroplated so the colors shine. Because of the material, these barrettes for women are a little heavy. They are best for people with medium to thick hair. Each battle features a beautiful design with a lot of detail. You can even see the little veins on the leaves in the floral options. Some have rhinestones to add a little sparkle. They arrive in a nice box that works well for gifting.


  • Great details
  • Several design options to choose from
  • Durable material


  • On the heavy side, so not great if you have thin hair

20 Pcs Pearl Hair Clips Cehomi Fashion Korean Style Pearls Barrettes for Women

The variety is endless

There's so much variety in this set of twenty different barrettes for women.
Most Variety

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Do you want to add several different barrettes to your collection all at once? This set will help. It comes with twenty different barrettes for women. The barrettes range in length from 2.16-inches to 3.07-inches. They are all different, so you can mix and match for a beautiful hair style. If you prefer to wear matching barrettes, you will need to purchase two sets. The styles are classic and elegant. Some have a pearl design. These barrettes won’t hurt your hair. They have smooth surfaces without sharp edges that could break your delicate hair stands. They stay in place fairly well once you put them in.


  • Set of twenty barrettes
  • A lot of variety
  • Mix and match beauty


  • No matching sets, so you’d need to buy two if you want them to match

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I wear barrettes for women without looking like a little kid?

While some people associate barrettes with young children, you can definitely pull them off as an adult. There are several ways to wear them. Many women enjoy using large barrettes to hold their hair into a low ponytail. It adds a serious upgrade to this hairstyle. They also look great as adornments to a bun. Additionally, you can mix and match barrettes to add a beautiful bit of texture and style. There are so many ways to wear them, it’s no wonder that barrettes are a favorite hair accessories for all ages.

Do I need to clean my barrettes?

Many people forget to clean their hair accessories, but this is something that’s important to do. If you use any product in your hair, it will rub off on your barrettes. Barrettes also pick up grease. They can get pretty dirty. So, you should clean them regularly. To keep it simple, fill your bathroom sink with water. Then add a little shampoo. Let your barrettes soak. Pick them up one at a time and gently scrub them with your fingers or a soft cloth. Then, rinse each one carefully. When they are dry, you can store them away again until you’re ready to put them back in your hair.

How can I get barrettes to stay in my hair?

Some people have hair that slides easily out of barrettes. If you’re hoping to make them stay in longer, there are a few tricks to try. First, make sure you select the right size barrette. Each one can hold back the amount of hair that’s equivalent to its width. If you try to pin back too much or too little hair, it’s more likely to fall out. To give your barrette a solid place to stay, try backcombing a small section of hair. If you spray your hair with hairspray, it can help hold the barrette in place. Finally, if you’re still having trouble, try looking for barrettes with no-slip lining. These have been designed to stay.