The Top 5 Beach Umbrellas

If you're heading to the beach chances are you'll be sitting in the sand for a good portion of the time and you'll want shade. You could sit there with a towel over your face or hat or you could bring a beach umbrella with you. When searching for a good umbrella, you'll want something that can sit well in the sand and protect you. There are different types of beach umbrellas that are made to be wind resistant or even attach to tents providing maximum comfort. Here are our 5 favorites to help you find the one that's best for you.

Sport-Brella Canopy Umbrella

Canopy Beach Umbrella

With flaps that attach into the ground like a tent.
Best Overall

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This umbrella is rated as a great overall product because it’s large and comes with side flaps for extra protection at a great cost. The umbrella is large enough for the whole family to sit under and the material was made to be UVA protective. The umbrella canopy is waterproof and even has a window you can zip open and closed. The whole thing rolls up into an easy to carry holder that slings on your back or arm.


  • Great protection


  • Large

BEACHBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System

Wind-Resistant Beach Umbrella

Keeps itself uprooted and is family-owned.
Best for Wind

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This family-owned product comes with a  great base that actually just sits on the top of the sand. There’s no digging involved but the package does come with a little shovel. The family behind this umbrella created the base to be supportive enough against 30 mph winds and the umbrella won’t fly away. The base isn’t too heavy and the pole doesn’t sway too hard in the wind. You can be accessories to attach to the beach umbrella like towel hooks.


  • Wind-resistant


  • May be heavy to carry

Sport-Brella with Universal Clamp

Clip On Beach Umbrella

Clips to a chair.
Best Clip On

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This umbrella is great for the beach if you don’t want a big extra thing to have to deal with. It’s lightweight and easily clips on to the back of your chair for shade and protection. Because of its size this beach umbrella is made for one person to use. The umbrella was made to move and can swivel around in a full-circle to cover you however the sun moves. The clamp can latch onto circular or square surfaces like a fence.


  • Easy to use clamp


  • Made for single person use

MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella

Easy to Adjust Umbrella

Move this umbrella with just a tilt of the pole.
Best Tilt Umbrella

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This umbrella is sturdy and easily goes into the sane with a twist-in-pole system. You don’t need to dig it out and reposition it every time the sun moves. All you do is tilt the pole. You can tilt the umbrella anyway you need. There’s a vent system in the top of the underside of the umbrella and the material is also protective against the sun.


  • Movable


  • Large canopy

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

Protective Beach Umbrella

Comes with a great anchor.
Best Anchor

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This umbrella has a great anchor that simply twists into the ground and is easy to pull out if the sand if wet or dry. The pole tilts and the canopy provides sun protection. The anchor doesn’t move a lot and sand doesn’t get stuck on it. This umbrella is a classic option for calmer days at the beach.


  • Supportive Anchor


  • Not great for wind

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a beach umbrella?

It depends on what kind of anchor system your beach umbrella comes with. For anchors, you simply twist the anchor into the ground and then attach the umbrella pole usually with a pin or similar stabilizer. Clamps and other gadgets will have a tightening system.

How do I clean my umbrella?

Simple rinse it off with water and let it dry. The fabric of the umbrella canopy is made to be wet and the water will naturally fall off but it’s important to let it dry somewhat.