The Best Butterfly Hair Clips

Butterfly hair clips never go out of style. They are fun and jazz up the look of a normal clip. In fact, these hair clips are so darn popular that there is a sea of different options to choose from. That's why we decided to whittle down the list to the best of the best. Read on to find the perfect butterfly clip for you and your style.

EAONE 50 Pieces Butterfly Hair Clips

Clips of many colors

With 50 individual butterfly clips in 14 different colors, this multi-pack makes sure you have a clip for every occasion.
Best Overall

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These adorable butterfly clips from EAONE are effective and cute. Their small size invites you to dress your hair with multiple clips in multiple colors. Obviously, they’re every little girl’s dream come true. Nonetheless, people of all ages can enjoy these durable and rust-resistant clips. The 14 assorted matte colors include shades that will assuredly match any outfit, as well.


  • Super inexpensive price
  • The non-slip jaw keeps a good grip on hair


  • The colors are assorted so you may get more of one color and less of another

Bantoye Pack of 100 Butterfly Hair Clips

Never run out again

With 100 different pieces in several colors, this assorted pack of butterfly hair clips is another sure-fire win.
Runner Up

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This assorted pack of butterfly hair clips comes with 100 pieces. There are seven different colors of clips including, red, pink, green, rose red, purple, yellow, and blue. Each clip is made of high-quality resin which makes them sturdy and durable for your hair. These clips have a no-slip grip design and interlocking clip jaws to assist in keeping hair in place.


  • Comes with a lot of hair clips, so perfect for party favors or always having back up clips
  • Seven different color options within each package
  • No-slip grip design to help keep hair in place


  • The small-size clips can only hold a little bit of hair back
  • No guarantee of how many clips you will get per color as it is an assorted package

Boao 18-Piece Butterfly Hair Clips

Add a touch of sparkle

Super vivid and glittery, these magical-looking butterfly clips are of the highest quality.
Highest Quality

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These high-quality butterfly clips are super vivid and look like real butterflies. These clips are made of a metal alloy that’s lightweight and durable while the butterfly wings are made of fabric. Because these butterfly hair clips look like real butterflies, they can be paired with several different outfits. These clips can be easily dressed down and casual with jeans and a t-shirt or worn with a cocktail dress at a special event, without looking underdressed.


  • Super detailed and look like real butterflies
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can match several different outfits and can be worn on different occasions


  • They are small, so if you are looking for big clips these may not be the best for you

QQA Willrain 50 Mini Butterfly Hair Clips

Cuter than ever

These mini hair clips are eye-catching and come at an unbeatable price.
Best Mini

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If you want to adorn your hair with butterflies, consider these mini clips from QQA. They have a bit of a retro style to them, with bright colors and a cute design. Considering the price, you really can’t go wrong with buying the pack of 50 and seeing how they suit your style.


  • Great for children and teenagers looking to try out the style
  • Very cute and can go with any outfit
  • All come in the same size so they are easy to pair with each other if you wanted to use multiple


  • They aren’t the most durable

XIEHE 100 Pack Butterfly Hair Clips

Accessorize and colorize

The interesting color selection in this 100-pack from XIEHE makes sure you can rock your butterfly hair clips with any outfit.
Best Colors

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If you’re looking to relive the 90s, consider this colorful pack of 100 butterfly hair clips. We think the color selection here is most reminiscent of the trendy 90s style that featured neon greens, earthy reds, and muted blues. Another super affordable pack, these hair clips sport the style and colors that can complement any outfit.


  • Great on a budget
  • Easy and safe to use for anyone
  • Comfortable wear so you do not have to worry about having to take them out after a few hours of wear


  • They are fairly delicate

Frequently Asked Questions

Are butterfly clips in style?

Butterfly clips never go out of style. They are fun and jazz up the look of a normal clip. They are also good for all ages as well.

How do I wear butterfly clips in my hair?

To wear butterfly clips in your hair, you can easily pull back your bangs with them or any face-framing pieces. You can also use them as accessories in your hair if it is styled in a ponytail, bun, or braid. You can also watch videos of how other people style their hair with clips online or reference reviews of the clips as well.