The Top 5 Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can really pull your outfit together. They are a fun way to let your personality shine through. You can select from so many different types of accessories, from barrettes and clips to headbands and scrunchies and more. Hair accessories are relatively inexpensive, so they're a budget friendly way to be fashionable. And if you have a variety of hair accessories on hand, you'll always have what you need. Here are five hair accessories that'd make an amazing addition to any collection.

6 Retro Vintage Metal Bobby Pins

Decorated Bobby Pins

Keep your flyaways tame with these cute hair accessories.
Best Overall

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Decorated bobby pins are a trendy way to hold back loose pieces of hair. You can wear a single pin, or combine several for a unique look. This set contains six good quality metal bobby pins. They each have an embellishment on the closed end. This set contains a daisy, a lotus flower, a ribbon bow, a square, a circle, and a Greek flower, but you can select from several other options. Some of the designs are 3D. These hair accessories are perfect for wearing during the day or when you go out at night.  They are easy to use, and can upgrade any hairstyle.


  • Variety of embellishments
  • Heavy metal pin
  • Tames flyaways


  • Not great for thick hair

4 Pack Women Headband Boho Floral Styel

Criss Cross Hair Wrap

These hair accessories hold your hair out of your face and look great in the process.
Best Headbands

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Are you looking for a cute way to hold your hair out of your face? These cute headbands will do the trick. They are very soft and comfortable. They’re one-size, and really fit well. This fabric absorbs sweat to help keep your face dry. This set includes four different headbands in a cute bohemian floral print. Each of the headbands has a different design. There are also four other styles to choose from, so you can find one that looks great with your wardrobe. These hair accessories are easy to use and stay in place once you get them on.


  • Hold your hair out of your face
  • Super cute styles
  • Soft and comfortable


  • The knot can appear to become untied, and to fix it you have to find the seam and twist the fabric around to make it appear again

Habibee Women Headbands Bow Accessories (8 pcs)

Beautiful Bows

Add some fashion to your hair with these big bows.
Best Bows

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Big bows are stylish and trendy. But the clips have a tendency to fall out. These hair accessories solve that problem. They’re a comfortable turban headwrap with a big bow attached. It’s a rabbit ear style bow. This set includes eight different bow wraps, each a fun color. The set includes orange, yellow, pink, and more. They’re made from a stretchy fabric, so they’re simple to put on. They are sized for adults, 24-cm in length and 8-cm in width.  Also, if you ever want to change things up a bit, you can remove the bow portion and have just a headband. If you’re ever ready to put the bow back on, you simply tie it on with an overhand knot.


  • Stylish big bows
  • Stretch fabric
  • Eight different colors


  • Bows don’t have wire in them, so they may flop a bit

70 Pack Hair Scrunchies Hair Accessories for Women

So Many Scrunchies

If you're looking for a variety pack of scrunchies to add to your hair accessories collection, this one has 70.
Best Value Pack

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For one great price, you get 70 different hair accessories. This bundle includes four different types of scrunchies. You’ll get 10 solid colored chiffon, and 10 flowered chiffon. The set also includes 20 solid colored soft velvet scrunchies, and 30 solid colored satin ones. It is an incredible value. With so many textures and colors, you will always find one to go with your outfit. These scrunchies are about 4-inches in diameter, which is the typical scrunchie size.  They arrive in a cute sturdy bag, which makes this a good pack of hair accessories for gifting.


  • Great value, 70 scrunchies for one low price
  • Come in a cute bag
  • Lots of variety


  • You will probably end up with some colors you don’t like and will never use

20 Pcs Pearl Hair Clips Hair Accessories

Fashion Hair Pins

These smooth clips won't hurt your head, but they do look great.
Bset Variety

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This set of hair accessories is a great way to grow your collection. It includes 20 cute hair clips, which are perfect for mixing and matching. You’ll find a variety of colors. They are versatile, working well in most hair types. The clips have smooth surfaces, without sharp ends. You can put them in without gouging your head or hurting your hair. The set includes some decorated bobby pins and elegant barrettes with a snap clip. The clips range from 2.16-inches in length to 3.07-inches. They are a great size for adding some charm to your hair. They arrive in a small box, which you can use to store the clips in when you aren’t wearing them.


  • 20 different clips
  • No sharp edges
  • Stay in place well


  • If you prefer pairs of barrettes you will need to buy two packs since the designs aren’t paired

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my hair accessories?

Your hair accessories are exposed to sweat, hair products, and more. They can get dirty over time, so it’s important to clean them. How you clean them depends on the accessory. If yours came with specific cleaning directions, make sure to refer to those. Otherwise, here are some basic tips. If the hair accessories are made of cloth, you should be able to hand wash them and let them air dry. Just be careful and use a gentle soap, nothing with harsh ingredients. Hard clips and other more durable clips can often be soaked in a solution of baking soda water to help remove grime. You can also use diluted shampoo to clean them. No matter how you wash the hair accessories, always make sure to rinse them thoroughly so you remove all of the cleaner. Then, let them dry before wearing again.

What hair accessories should I wear?

With so many hair accessories on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to know which ones to wear. Take some time to think about your hair’s thickness and length. Not all accessories work with every type of hair. Also think about where you will be wearing your hair accessories. Do they need to be stylish and trendy for going to work or events? Or does comfort matter more? Look for hair accessories that will be a good match in terms of function and form. And if you discover that you don’t like a particular type, don’t buy it again. Focus on acquiring hair accessories that you use and love.

How do I keep my hair accessories organized?

Hair accessories tend to accumulate over the years. If you have a messy drawer full of rubber bands, barrettes, headbands, and clips, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. It’s much better to come up with simple storage solutions that will keep them organized. Consider purchasing a box with dividers that you can use to sort. You may be able to keep your bobby pins in a tic tac container, or keep your rubber bands on a carabiner. Use your imagination and see how you can repurpose objects to help keep your accessories in order.