The Top 5 Wetsuits

Calling all outdoor fashionistas. If your idea of the perfect outfit is a stylish wetsuit that keeps you dry and safe while you hit the waves, look no further. Whether you're planning a surfing day, a scuba-diving excursion or you just want something to keep you warm and cozy while in the ocean, a wetsuit will always be your best option. Luckily, for fashionistas like you, wetsuits have come along way and no longer look like old scuba-diving suits.

Keep reading for a short but cute selection of the best wetsuits out there. Perfect for any occasion, specially designed to fit a woman's body, and tailored to your under-water adventures.

COPOZZ Diving Skin Men and Women Youth Thin Wetsuit

Meet Your New Favorite Wetsuit

Get ready to explore the deep ocean with this unisex wetsuit with weaved-in full-body UV protection. Perfect for diving, snorkeling, surfing, and even spearfishing.
Best Overall

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Get ready to explore the deep oceans in absolute style. This thin wetsuit offers a full-body cover to protect against sea lice, jellyfish, coral reef, and other irritants. Best to avoid bruises and stings so that you can enjoy a relaxing diving experience. Wear it alone in and under another wetsuit for warmth when it’s cold. Made of soft Lycra spandex, it’s comfortable to wear, provides excellent ventilation, and it stretches in every direction to ensure a perfect fit. Featuring bright colors for diving, so your partners can quickly locate you. Finally, the long front zipper makes it hassle-free and quick to change.


  • Design features long front zipper and stirrup wraps on wrists and foot to keep the diving skin in place
  • Full-body and long-sleeve UV protection
  • Thin enough to be worn under another wetsuit


  • Won’t keep users warm
  • Not machine washable or dryer friendly

Seavenger Navigator 3mm Neoprene Shorty Wetsuit

Support & Comfort without Sacrificing Safety

Get ready for your next adventure without feeling the restraints of a full-body wetsuit. Lightweight and flexible, you'll love exploring with this suit.
Best Shorty

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Feel the premium-quality of this Nylon II neoprene wetsuit built to withstand wear and tear. Featuring anti-abrasion shoulder pads, you can wear your scuba driving gear without worrying about damaging your wetsuit. The Seavenger Navigator wetsuit is your stylish companion to whatever watersport you love. The zipper comes with an extra-long leash to make slipping into your wetsuit ease. Wear it by itself as a spring suit during warm weather or layer it over thermal protection gear during cold climates. Plus, the hugging design and performance-enhancing stretch keep you unrestricted and ready for action.


  • Perfect for keeping you comfortable in warm to temperate waters
  • The design features stretchy armpits for unrestricted control
  • Anti-abrasion shoulders pads help minimize wear and tear from wearing scuba diving gear


  • Not suitable for cold waters
  • Non UV protectant

GoldFin Women’s Wetsuit Top

Create Your Own Wetsuit

If wearing a complete wetsuit is not your idea of fun, then create your own. Start seating the foundations with this wetsuit top, perfect for a surfing adventure or a day by the beach.
Best Top

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Choose how you want your wetsuit to look. Start creating your ocean-friendly outfit with this adorable wetsuit top. Made from high-quality materials and unique flatlock stitching that prevents chafing on the skin. Lightweight and comfortable, this neoprene jacket will keep you warm, protect you from UV rays, jellyfish stings, and other irritants. Suitable for 50-70F water temperatures to keep your body warm and dry on cold winter days. The design features a free-cut armpit for improved stretch, a heavy-duty front zipper, and a smooth skin insider to prevent water from coming in.


  • Suitable for warm and cold waters
  • UV-protection weaved into the fabric
  • Free-cur armpit offers improved stretch and mobility


  • Not machine washable or dryer-friendly
  • Neoprene might feel itchy for those with sensitive skin

Scodi Women’s Surfing Leggings Neoprene UPF50+ High-Wasted Swimming Wetsuit Pants

Your New Favorite Surfing Pants

Alright, maybe not just for surfing. These wetsuit pants are perfect for any girl living by the beach. Go running errands, have fun surfing, do some yoga, whatever it is, do it in comfort and style.
Best Pants

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Do you love living by the ocean? Then, these wetsuit pants are a must-have in your closet. Perfect for helping you build your own wetsuit and mix and match with other tops and jackets. Made from a neoprene and nylon fabric, you get a comfortable, stretchy, and lightweight material that keeps you warm and secure. The high-waisted design covers more skin and protects you better. They’ll raise your body temperature to keep you warm in the water or help you sweat more when you’re out of the water. Perfect for surfing, running, or a day at the gym.


  • Weaved-in UV protection to block sun rays and protect your skin
  • Flat and straight stitching offers a comfortable fit with extra flexibility and elasticity
  • Neoprene and nylon blend keeps your body warm while in the water


  • Not machine washable
  • No room for storing keys or other essentials

Seavenger Alpha 3mm Neoprene Fullsuit Wetsuit

Be Ready to Conquer the Waves

The perfect full wetsuit for the fashionista who's always ready to hit the waves. Not only will you be safe and comfortable, but this stylish patterned wetsuit will perfectly match your style.
Best Fullsuit

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Hit the waves in style when you rock this cute neoprene wetsuit. Designed with super-stretch panels in critical areas like your armpits to increase flexibility while swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and more. This wetsuit will move with you through every wave and challenge. The 3mm neoprene fabric is lightweight and insulating in temperate water, perfect for use on water 65 degrees and more. Plus, it retains body heat, keeping you comfortable while surfing or diving. Designed to fit snug and with flat seams that lay smoothly against the skin to prevent chafing.


  • Designed with durable knees and shoulder anti-abrasion panels to support surfboards and scuba gear
  • Extra-long leash and sturdy zipper for easy wear
  • Lightweight and comfortable neoprene fabrics retain body heat in temperate waters


  • Non UV protectant
  • No front-zipper or pockets

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wetsuits keep you warm underwater?

It depends. Many wetsuits will keep you warm even when there’s a thin layer of water trapped between your skin and the suit. As a general rule, the thicker the wetsuit, the more it will keep you warm. Make sure to choose a thicker wetsuit if you’re planning on diving or surfing in cold waters.

Do you wear anything under a wetsuit?

It’s up to you. Wearing nothing under a wetsuit is acceptable. However, wetsuits can cause skin chatting, which can be annoying. If you want, consider wearing a swimsuit if wearing your wetsuit alone is uncomfortable or irritating.