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Keke Lindgard: Surfer Girl Turned Runway Star

Model Keke Lindgard (Wilhelmina) leads a double life.

By day, she’s strutting down the runway at Prada, Lanvin, and Valentino, by night she’s studying for exams and skateboarding with friends.

The sixteen year-old Hawaii native burst onto the scene last year, scoring a spot on’s influential top 10 list of new faces.

With her all-American surfer girl looks – think beachy blond waves, a light dusting of freckles, and sun-kissed glow – she’s quickly become a favorite of legendary lensman Arthur Elgort.

Here, Keke lets us in on her greatest loves – from waffles and Chanel, to surfing and swinging from trees.

Name: Keke Lindgard.
Birthday: August 15.
Where were you born: Hawaii.
Where do you live: Hawaii’s North Shore.
How were you discovered: By a scout in Hawaii.
Dream job: To be a pilot.
Describe your personal style: Beachy, fun, flirty, sophisticated.
What’s your daily uniform: Shorts or skirt with a flowy top and slippers.
I can’t leave home without my: Phone or skateboard.
Haircare/skincare secrets: My mom always told me not to pull around my eyes because that could cause wrinkles.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received: The world isn’t going to end today because it’s already tomorrow in Australia.
Morning must-have: Waffles!
Favorite place in the world: Sunset Beach Park on the North Shore of Hawaii – great beach, amazing surfing, best place on earth!
What’s on your iPod: Everything.
Biggest indulgence: Chanel.
Scariest fashion moment: The first day that I walked into Wilhelmina – my outfit was HORRIBLE!
Currently reading: The Au Pairs by Melissa de la Cruz.
Style icon: Marike Le Roux
What are you obsessed with at the moment: Half tops.
Favorite footwear: Chanel shoes.
Fitness routine: Surfing.
Coffee or tea: Coffee.
BlackBerry or iPhone: iPhone.
Childhood dream: To become a model.
Average amount of sleep per night: 6-10 hours.
Are you on Twitter: Nope  🙂