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Catherine Malandrino Set to Revamp Lacoste

Catherine Malandrino is no stranger to collaborations. After her recent high-profile collaboration with Mary J. Blige where the designer created off-the-shoulder tees emblazoned with messages inspired by the singer’s songs, Malandrino has now teamed with Lacoste for a capsule collection called Lacoste + Malandrino.

I would have assumed that the French designer would have expanded with footwear, a fragrance, or a handbag line before lending her name to another brand, but it seems that she’s going the way of Stella McCartney (who has long worked with adidas) with her latest venture.

The resulting collaboration has enticing price points of $125 to $495 – a bit less than what the designer’s pieces usually go for. Malandrino has also worked on croc-inspired shoes and bags for the line.

From Lacoste’s perspective, Malandrino jet-set aesthetic and Parisian flair were the perfect way for the tennis brand to amp up its feminine appeal.

With that in mind, the New York-based designer worked on revamping the classic croc logo to make it “more inviting to women.”

The resulting logo features a green and a yellow crocodile kissing.

The collection, which marks the first time Lacoste has worked with a guest designer, is slated to run for at least four seasons. 

It includes a draped day dress with three-quarter-length sleeves, a hooded cocoon cardigan, and a pleated bustier dress.

Slated for a Spring launch, the Lacoste + Malandrino collection will retail at Malandrino’s 10 freestanding stores and at Lacoste’s 67 shops.