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Isaac Mizrahi S/S 2011

His set may have been bare when compared to the over-the-top backdrops of seasons past, but with Andy Cohen seated next to Johnny Weir – clad in a pink Chanel jacket, a Karl Lagerfeld tee, and what appeared to be an animal tail – in the front row, and a shout-out to Pinkberry in the “thank you” credits, how could anyone ever be disappointed by an Isaac Mizrahi show?
When I got my Xerox-like show invitation in the mail, I knew that it would somehow tie into a print for the Spring 2011 season, and it did.
Mizrahi’s collection was titled IM Xerox, and included beautiful abstract black and white photocopy-esque prints, trompe l’oeil pockets, buttons, bows, flowers, and lapel details.
Stiff resin collars, bejeweled shirt cuffs, necklaces shaped like shirt collars, and the recurring trompe l’oeil effect helped give the sophisticated, ladylike collection a quirky touch.