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Bora Aksu S/S 2011: London Fashion Week

Ants are not something we see referenced in fashion very often, but there they were crawling all over the invitation to Turkish designer Bora Aksu’s show.

The designer explained that after watching ants crawl in intricate patters across a cracked wall this summer, he noticed that the body shape of the ants reflected a 1950s hourglass figure.

This inspiration, paired with a palette of greys and blues, made for a collection of intricate garments that reflected the inspiration in a way that was obvious without being too kitschy.

Slate blues and black were paired with contrasting nude tones that accentuated the brocade/obi belt exoskeletons seen on some of the looks.

Crochet ants crawled through the models’ bouffant topknots, but the covetable ant trail printed leggings were more subtle.

Some pieces looked slightly overworked and reflected past seasons by Aksu, but there were a few noteworthy pieces – specifically, a black dress with a sheer knit back, that could be integrated into a more modern, less avant-garde wardrobe.