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Versace S/S 2011: Milan Fashion Week

“Minimal” is a word that’s been thrown around this season, but one wouldn’t traditionally associate it with Versace. Nonetheless, Donatella Versace showed a surprising amount of restraint for a house with a reputation for over-the-top designs and ostentatious flare.
The show opened with white, fitted looks focusing on cut; embellishments were kept to a minimum, and there was only a hint of color (via geometric lines) to outline certain areas of the models’ figures. There was a sharpness and a severity that made these looks fiercely sexy without revealing too much skin. Cut-outs were perfect throughout the collection, including accents in the geometric shoes.
A strong Greek inspiration pervaded the show – think of the classic Versace Greek fret pattern used for a decorative touch. Fringes provided movement against the sharpness of the tailoring. Vibrant blues, oranges, and reds – often worked into elaborate tribal patterns – added punch to the sleek, clean, toned-down collection.
The looks included both short and long numbers with embellishments. Simple pieces focused on cut, and complex pieces with cacophonous patterns made for an attention-grabbing collection that never veered off course.