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YSL S/S 2011: Paris Fashion Week

This collection was an ode to what has made Yves Saint Laurent the name it is today with its sophisticated tailoring.  Trenchcoats and bowed blouses made their way down the runways in bursts of color against a sea of neutrals and black. Stefano Pilati kept the collection tight, focusing on what YSL does best – which is quite a lot. Sleek, and oh so chic, the models with slicked back hair, white powdered faces, and dark, matte lipstick were gorgeous backdrops for the designs.

Everything fabulous YSL has done and will continue to do best was explored, including the famous smoking jacket, ruffles, suits, oversized blouses and knee-length pencil skirts. Pilati provided updated versions of famous YSL staples with a modern approach.

Jumpsuits have never looked so sexy and elegant, and black has never been so inspiring.

A collection for a fan base that ranges from twenty-something fashionistas to middle-aged icons like Janet Jackson managed to provide for all age demographics. YSL just understands strong, sexy women – and luckily Pilati agrees with that aesthetic.