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Tory Burch: Fashion Industry Fall Favorites

Ever wonder what the fashion industry’s movers and shakers pack for a fall weekend getaway?

Designer Tory Burch recently took to her blog to share what industry insiders consider their fall must-haves. Burch spoke with several members of the fashion elite, including Stephanie Winston Wolkoff (Director of Fashion at Lincoln Center and Consultant for IMG), Nina Garcia (Fashion Directior of Marie Claire), and Ji Baek (owner of Rescue Beauty Lounge).

Burch uncovered plenty of interesting tidbits during her interviews. Sally Singer, who recently departed from Vogue to helm T: The New York Times Style Magazine, loves to go to Paris “the weekend before the collections really get underway.”

This season, the cerebral editor made sure to pack “Repettos for riding on a Velib bicycle, yoga clothes, a Givenchy peacoat, a YSL men’s sweater and Balenciaga jeans in raspberry.”

As for Singer’s fall essentials, if you think she had something by Lanvin or Rodarte in mind, think again.  “Lots of Halloween candy,” is Singer’s weakness.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff had a more fashion-minded answer when asked about her fall must-haves, which include “luxe-tinged classics – think leather tanks and jackets, shearling coats, detailed trousers in wool, and my September-through-February essential, fur vests.” While her job may require her to be out-and-about, her drink of choice is a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. This is no surprise, considering the fact that Wolkoff once worked at Vogue, where editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is as notorious for her ubiquitous cup of Starbucks as the Olsen girls are.

When it comes to a fall escape, Ji Baek reveals that she likes to keep it local. “Luckily, my husband and I live half a block from Central Park, so no packing is necessary – just packing in the free time together,” Baek says. For those brisk walks, the salon owner suggests “soft delicious furs, cozy cashmere, and nubby knits.”

Project Runway judge and bestselling author Nina Garcia prefers the country, and she lives in her “cargo pants, flat boots, and soft, layered knits,” as well as her traditional Barbour jacket, when she’s enjoying some out-of-Manhattan down time.

City living requires this season’s must-have, which, according to Garcia, is a camel coat.  As for Tory Burch, she’s with Garcia when it comes to escaping the city for a relaxing weekend.  She singles out her L.L. Bean tote packed with her favorite textured sweater, cords, and waterproof boots—all from her namesake label, naturally.

Burch spoke to dozens of other power players and you can see what they all had to say here. Interestingly enough, Halloween and the Hamptons came up on numerous occasions.  Who knew candy and post-season escapes to Long Island were such hot tickets in the fashion industry?