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Diane Von Furstenberg Embrassed About Obama Dress Drama; James Franco Joins Facebook & Twitter

Diane Von FurstenbergDiane Von Furstenberg has publicly expressed regret about her criticism of Michelle Obama‘s State Dinner McQueen gown. “I said that Mrs. Obama has been extremely supportive of American designers, but clearly we were disappointed that she chose to wear a British designer for the state dinner…From there, I was so embarrassed that I am definitely going to write to her. She has been super supportive to American designers.” I hope DVF does write that letter so that we never have to hear about this dress scandal again. [Styleite]

Major James Franco news today! First: Harper’s Bazaar took my advice and gave the young whippersnapper an assignment to interview Frida Giannini. The best part of the interview? When Franco gets really confused and overwhelmed to hear that the Gucci designer doesn’t consider herself an “artist” (Franco’s goal in life is to persuade people that he’s a legitimate artistic talent, not just a pretty face), and Giannini informs him that “art is not something that after six months you change.”  [Racked NY]

Second: James Franco finally joined Facebook and Twitter and promptly posted a (copywrited!) photo of an un-flushed toilet. I’ve been obsessing about it all morning, and still can’t figure out what he’s trying to tell us: is it a reference to Duchamp’s watershed Dadaist work, Fountain? Is it a joke about the famous tabloid feature “celebrities, they’re just like us!” Or is he just reminding us that he’s very busy, drinking a lot of coffee, dehydrated? [Facebook]

Remember when MTV canceled Lauren Conrad’s reality fashion show because it was apparently too “high-brow” for the network’s viewers? Today we learn that Whitney Port has her own bone to pick with MTV: The City star is pretty certain that her own show was bumped to open up the slot for her former best friend, Lauren Conrad. So much drama! If only there was a TV crew around to film it. [StyleBakeryTeen]

Kate Moss is designing her own wedding dress, and I have to commend her decision. Celebrity-designed collections are often disappointing because there’s very little at stake: if her foray into fashion is a bust, the star can fall back on her wealth, fame, and primary career. But by designing her own gown, Moss demonstates that she believes in her vision so stongly that she’s willing to put it front and center on one of the most important days of her life. Good luck to her! [TheCut]

Victoria Beckham is one celeb designer that’s particularly good about wearing her own line, and she’s been spotted all over town with handbags from her successful first collection. [MillionLooks]

NYFW is over, but the trend reports have only just begun. We’re all pretty confidant that next season is going to see a lot of sequins, fur, and Americana-inspired looks, but it’s not clear whether other runway styles will become trends or be forgotten. Case in point: Marchesa dressed models in heels paired with lace socks. A cute look on the models, but I’m not sure if the rest of us can pull it off. [BettyConfidential]