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Fendi Fall 2011 Runway Review


It’s not that the Karl Lagerfeld-designed Fendi ready-to-wear can’t stand on its own next to other major brands that show in Milan, but typically it’s hard to focus on the clothes when they’re in the midst of such covetable accessories and stunning furs. Fall 2011, however, brought with it some of the best looks that have graced the runway so far, including ones crafted out of the most supple-looking leather imaginable, gorgeous cocoon coats, and sculpted, minimally detailed, shoulder-exposing dresses.


Little surprise, however, that the deluge of fur on the New York, London, and Milan runways will be getting a serious run for their money from Fendi and some of the Fall 2011 collection’s best pieces included fur trim, scarves, vests, and coats made out of a variety of furs including fox, mink and shearling, which were combined in various iterations to jaw-dropping effects. The most memorable fur however, and not only because it was modeled by a man, was a green spotted patchwork fox coat that had a light camouflage effect. Will Lagerfeld ever run out of ideas?


In any other designer’s hands, the tweeds, plaids, color palette of browns and dusty yellows and stockings worn with sandals may have come across as dowdy, especially when it came to the knee-grazing looks, but in Lagefeld’s hands, they were nothing if not refined and fresh with welcome touches like contrasting hip pockets, wooden heels, and even some almost sportswear-inspired pieces made out of weighty fabrics.

Now the only question is, how long will it take Kanye West to get his hands on that camo fur?

Photos: Vincenzo Grillo, IMAXtree.