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Video of Galliano’s Hateful Remarks Leaks; Can’t Get Enough Oscars Fashion

John GallianoLast week John Galliano was suspended from Dior due to allegations that the designer made anti-Semitic and racist remarks in a Parisian cafe, and today a leaked cell phone video shows a drunken Galliano telling two women that he “love[s] Hitler.” Though the incident is separate from the charges filed against the designer last week by curator Géraldine Bloch, it occurs in the same cafe and makes it exceedingly clear that Galliano is very comfortable making vile anti-Semitic remarks. Dior hasn’t released an official statement about the video, but according to some rumors, the house will make a public announcement about the scandal today. Dior’s Galliano-designed Ready-to-Wear runway show is scheduled for Friday. [TheSun,]

Also, let’s take a moment to consider WWD‘s delight in the “sprig of fresh flowers” decorating Galliano’s black felt hat at the police station this morning. A much-loved designer spews disgusting hate speech, and the fashion news source of record thinks it’s responsible to fawn over his outfit?  [WWD Twitter]

Here’s a situation where it’s appropriate, even neccessary, to talk about the clothes: last night’s Academy Awards. Lucky for you, The Fashion Spot has an Oscars red carpet review, a break-down of the beauty looks, and photos from Vanity Fair’s after-party. If that’s still not enough, take a look at this slide-show of Anne Hathaway‘s dress changes at the ceremony last night. Rachel Zoe did us proud. [PeopleStyleWatch]

Speaking of Oscars co-hosts, James Franco‘s performance was beyond bad. The actor basically took a four-hour nap in front of a billion people, periodically waking up in order to tweet his trippy dreams and roll his eyes at Anne Hathaway. As much as I love him, I think last night was a definite indication that the over-committed James Franco should spend less time doing anything that doesn’t involve napping with adorable kittens. If it seems like the multi-tasker is angling for a Lindsay Lohan-style breakdown, Terry Richardson is the devil whispering in his ear. The photographer has convinced James Franco and, yes, Lindsay Lohan, to star in an explicit photographic book. Richardson assures reporters that the publication will be “classy.” [ContactMusic]

Lady Gaga‘s using her actual blood to create her “Blood and Semen” scented perfume. If that grosses you out (as it should!), there are lots of alternatives. We recommend Stella McCartney Stella, which comes in a pretty bottle and doesn’t smell like a ritualistic sacrifice. [StyleBakery]

YSL‘s much-anticipated Manifesto tote is showing up in several undisclosed NYC locations on Saturday, March 5th. Get excited for the most fashionable scavenger hunt in the world. [Racked NY]