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Lady Gaga Was Definitely Not Born This Way; Arizona Muse Dominates Dazed & Confused

Lady Gaga Born This WayLady Gaga's crazy new video for her single "Born This Way" premiered yesterday (scroll down to check out the video). For a song that's all about accepting yourself for who you are, the star spends the majority of the clip parading in front of the camera wearing an entire Sephora store's stock of cosmetic products. Lady Gaga, you were not born with gap teeth or black cuticles. Apart from that little breach in logic, the hair, makeup, and nail creations are pretty incredible. Click through for a rundown of the beauty looks. []

Hey, do you want a $3,600 green crocodile tote by Nancy Gonzalez but don't want to fork over the cash to pay for it? Well lucky you: someone's decided to fulfill that seemingly unfulfillable dream. [BagSnob]

If you don't manage to snag the croc tote above, there other ways to land a stylish bag for spring without going into debt. This season's most covetable handbags come in affordable versions. [BettyConfidential]

Arizona Muse is everywhere, but that doesn't mean we're tired of her. For the it-model's spread in Dazed & Confused, the magazine released four covers and printed sixty pages of Arizona, shot by photographer Kacper Kasprzyk. [DesignScene]

Emma Watson's final campaign for People Tree has just been released. Watson helped design several of the pieces. [MillionLooks]