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An Open Letter to Alexa Chung Re: Her Bare Midriff; Retail Mob Bypasses Target’s Designer Re-Release

Alexa ChungDear Alexa Chung: It’s come to my attention that you and some of your fashion cohorts have been baring a sliver of your bellies for all the world to see. Don’t get me wrong, the small slice of skin looks chic and daring on you and even on Nicole Richie, but it’s a disaster waiting to happen. If the fashion set gets comfortable showing off a touch of tummy, it’s only a matter of time before the American public catches on, and takes the trend to a new and horrifying place. We live in a world with a sick addiction to pants with sexy-time words placed strategically on the butt, so don’t think our fellow countrymen won’t get way too comfortable with the bare midriff. You, with your peekaboo tummy, are heralding a new era of the contemptible crop top and beastly belly shirt. As cute as a cut-out might look when done right, take some precautions to defend our poor eyes from the muffin tops and whale tails that dominated the 1990s. [WWD]

Target brought back 34 of its most popular designer collaboration dresses for a massive blow-out, but the public didn’t go nuts. Some lines have sold out – including Lanvin and Rodarte-designed garments – but in general, the promotion has recieved a surprisingly mellow response. [RackedNY]

Hey, want to know what the girls are wearing in Britain? Hooves. Yes, furry imitations of horses’ hooves set on top of super-skinny stilettos. They basically look like a cross between Martin Margiela‘s tabi shoes and UGGs. Not exactly my style, but I won’t judge. [MillionLooks]

Photographer Lachlan Bailey shoots model of the moment Arizona Muse in an intimate, moody editorial for Vogue Spain. Arizona always looks lovely, but this story is a special treat. [DesignScene]