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Ally Hilfiger: More than Tommy’s Daughter

Ally Hilfiger kicked off America's fascination with reality TV when she sashayed onto television screens across the country in 2003's Rich Girls. The then 18-year-old made it clear she was a force to be reckoned with when it came to fashion and it had nothing to do with her last name. Sadly for fans, the short-lived show that followed Hilfiger and then best friend, Jamie Gleicher, heir to the Innovation Luggage fortune, only lasted one season. Following the show's conclusion, Hilfiger was whisked off to rehab. It wouldn't be the last fashion fanatics heard of Hilfiger or took note of her standout style. 


As early as 2008, way before oversize "nerd" glasses were seen on everyone from Mary-Louise Parker to Chris Brown, Hilfiger was rarely seen without an adorable pair. Like any New York City girl, Hilfiger never shies away from experimenting with trends like bold red lips or sequins. As recently as last December, she confessed “eclectic taste” to StyleLikeU as she proudly showed off her wardrobe that included everything from Peruvian jewelry to pieces inspired by 1920s old Hollywood.


Fast-forward to the present day and Hilfiger has left her days of reality TV stardom far behind her. Following in her father's footsteps, Hilfiger teamed up with Nary Manivong to launch a collaborative line, NAHM. "Dressed," a recently released documentary, captures the relationship between Hilfiger and Manivong as they prepare to launch their line. Press buzzed about the collaboration, hailing NAHM's ability to reinvent the shirtdress.

altFor those who aren’t familiar with Hilfiger, it seems only natural she fall in line with the business that's made her family so famous, but she wasn't always so sure. "I experimented with different forms of the business, including acting, producing movies, painting, styling, and I wanted to see where I fit in, where I felt most comfortable," she told Luxist. "And it just so happens that I do fit in with being a designer."

Like any proud Papa, Tommy Hilfiger, is in full support of his daughter's endeavors into the world of fashion design. "I'm very proud. I'm proud because she's worked so hard," he told Luxist at NAHM's Fall 2011 show.

With a well-received debut line and a closet that would make the most girls gawk, Hilfiger has a promising future when it comes to evolving into an icon in the fashion world, regardless of her family ties.

Even Hilfiger knows that with the support of her father and a positive attitude, her creativity knows no bounds. "At the end of the day, it's in your blood. It's in my blood to be in fashion," she said.

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