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Brad Goreski Gets a Room of His Own at Bravo; Rachel Zoe Tweets a Photo of Her Newborn Son

Brad GoreskiEven though Rachel Zoe gave him her blessing when Brad Goreski announced that he was leaving her company, it was only a matter of time before the gossip blogs started digging up accounts that things were less than peachy keen between the celebrity stylist and her former assistant. First came the rumors that Brad had poached one of Zoe’s longtime clients, Demi Moore, and now, Bravo has announced that Brad will get his very own reality TV show, It’s a Brad Brad World. We can’t truly know if Zoe’s feeling happy for her disciple, but I’d bet she’s busy hyperventilating into her Blackberry. Don’t worry, Rachel: who ever heard of a spin-off outperforming the original series? Oh, wait. Who do you think has received more Emmy nominations, Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? [StyleList]

Although maybe we should give Rachel Zoe the benefit of the doubt. Right around the time that Bravo announced its new fall lineup, the illustrious stylist tweeted the very first photograph of her newborn son, Skyler Morrison, about to leave the hospital. “My life is complete,” she assures her followers. Maybe that’s true? Maybe Rachel will find peace within herself, will turn away from the glitz and attention of her glamorous fashion career to devote her mind, body, and soul to her new bundle of joy? Well, maybe. But then why is she wearing so much makeup? As one mother just said to me, “Trust me, most women don’t look like that when they’re leaving the hospital after giving birth!” I believe it. Since Rachel needed to tweet her glowing mommy beauty look post-haste, I suspect that one of her priorities includes furthering her television career. [@RzRachelZoe]

While Rachel Zoe is seizing opportunities for self-promotion, Kate Middleton and Prince William must be steadying themselves for the oncoming media blitz. Because no one can resist a real-life fairy tale, American news outlets are planning an unprecedented round of media coverage during the Royal Wedding. Even the Weather Channel is sending correspondents! On April 26, wedding coverage will commence at 5 AM so I guess I’ll be missing this historic occasion, but if you really care, be sure to go to bed early the night before, I guess? Every style and celeb pundit across our fair nation, from Andy Cohen to Joan Rivers, plans to powder up for the camera and snark up a storm. And if all that doesn’t sound like TMI, you can click over to iVillage, which plans to post an EXCLUSIVE interview with Kate and William’s former landlady. I’m waiting with baited breath. [WWD]

When Courtney Love first met Karl Lagerfeld in the 90s, the designer was less than pleased with her choice of bottoms. Love remembers: “It’s one in the morning, I’m eating cookies wearing this Geminola dress — Christmas green, Christmas red. I’m wearing red eyeshadow with green on top. And Louboutins that are so blingy. And feathers in my hair. And you know, what happened was, Lagerfeld looks at me and goes ‘What are you wearing? A tutu? I see a tutu. You’re never going to get laid in a tutu.’ And I go, ‘I have a record coming out!’ and he goes: ‘It’s not working.’” Of course, Love might have been having an acid flashback, since Lagerfeld eventually went on to design the world’s ultimate tutu for ballerina Elena Glurdjidze. You know what? Tutus are great. There are worse things you could wear. [WWD]