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Review: Planet Green’s New Fashion Reality Show ‘Dresscue Me’

Dresscue Me

I'd never heard of Planet Green when a screener of one of the channel's new shows, Dresscue Me made its way into my mailbox. The show follows Shareen Mitchell, owner of the popular L.A. and New York vintage boutiques Shareen Vintage, as she gives old, dowdy garments and, on occasion, her customers, makeovers.

Perhaps predictably, Mitchell isn't the easiest boss to work with and a number of the scenes seem staged. For example, Mitchell has a big event to attend one evening and last minute realizes she has nothing to wear. She relies on two of her sales girls to pull garments for her, which doesn't go smoothly, as one might imagine. Wouldn't you think that as the store's buyer, Mitchell knows the merchandise and what would work for her body better than anyone? Staged or not, it did make for good TV.

From what I can tell from the two full episodes I have seen, the show seems to have been a shrewd move for Mitchell. Her boutiques stock affordable wares that most viewers would likely be able to afford and with stores in both New York and L.A., they will certainly benefit from a lot of extra foot traffic after the show premieres. Mitchell further continuously iterates that making her customers feel good about themselves is her top priority, remarking: "my only interest in fashion is in how I can use it to empower women."

The episodes feature Mitchell working directly with her clients, and while there is no word on whether celebrity fans like Katy Perry or Cat Deeley will make appearances, in one of the episodes I watched, Mitchell did dress James van der Beek's pregnant wife for her wedding.

Dresscue Me may not be the most riveting fashion-based reality show, but it's entertaining enough and will certainly have some useful tidbits for those looking to one day open their own boutique.

Dresscue Me premieres on Tuesday, April 19 at 10:30PM/ET.