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Anna Dello Russo’s Met Gala Rules; Carine Roitfeld Styles for Chanel

Carine Roitfeld and Anna Dello RussoBased on her latest blog post, 10 TOP NY MET GALA Rules (featuring advice on problems I could only dream of having), I've learned that Anna Dello Russo is obviously a) a compulsive over-planner and b) a little nuts. Both qualities are probably mandatory in the world of fashion glossies, so I won't hold them against her. Before listing her ten rules, ADR wrote that this was the first time she was invited to the Met Ball, and when she received her invitation she "had a huge emotion." That sounds, um, uncomfortable. So, despite the fact that she's never had the experience of attending the Met Gala, ADR decided that since she's now an official invitee, she's supremely qualified to dictate the terms of proper etiquette and attire to her fellow guests. The first commandment is as follows: "It's Prohibited choose the wrong OUTFIT.  Look and look again hundred thousand times all the shows on" That's basically the most unhelpful styling advice I've ever heard, but at least she has a plan. Also, if ADR's really going to look at pictures of all the shows hundreds of thousands of times, should really send her a gift basket for the spike in page views. Anna also recommends opting for an iron detox ("You must be radiant!") and a "long evening GOWN, unless you don't have the Giselle's body not wear a short dress!" Unfortunately, ADR forgot to mention the most important rule of a successful Met Gala experience: don't have a nervous breakdown! It's just a ball. [DailyFrontRow]

I don't know how she found the time, but it looks like Anna Dello Russo's buddy, Carine Roitfeld, took a break from her own Met Gala training regime to style an ad campaign for Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld summoned the Barneys stylist and former Paris Vogue editor to style Freja Beha Erichsen for the brand's Fall/Winter campaign. If (heaven forbid) Carine chooses the wrong OUTFIT for the Met Gala, this'll be on your head, Karl! [WWD]

Okay, this might not be the best choice of handbag for the Met Ball (ADR's 7th rule: "Strictly: JEWEL-CLUTCH in hand"), but if you haven't received an invitation, this Le Petit Joueurs Lego purse in a Mondrian grid might cheer you up. [BagSnob]

With bankruptcy staring at it in the face, American Apparel decided to opt for reckless gusto over common sense: despite the fact that founder Dov Charney is getting sued for sexual harassment, the company lost over $80 million last year, and they might have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in less than a month, the foolhardy LA-based clothing company announced that they're launching a denim line. Charney released a statement explaining that “jeans are an iconic, essential part of the modern wardrobe, just like the t-shirt.” Okay, thanks for giving me a good reason to go get myself a pair of Levis. This might sound crazy, but maybe American Apparel should just set the denim aside and at least make an effort to clean up its financial mess and stop sexually harassing their employees (allegedly)? Just a thought. [Fashionista]