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Prada Snags 15 Magazine Covers; John Galliano Heckled [VIDEO]

Prada coversIf we're judging based on glossy mag appearances, Prada's Spring 2011 collection has been a resounding success. Like the label's runway show, this season's newsstands have been a pageant of color, as Prada's collection snagged 15 magazine covers and flooded editorials. The neon fur stoles have dominated fashion industry street style and the collection's green banana skirt gave Anna Wintour a reason to get funky. [Fashionista]

Angelina Jolie has just launched her own jewelry collection, "Style of Jolie." The line is currently on display by invitation only at Julien's Gallery in Beverly Hills, and all proceeds will go to charity. To my great dismay, the line didn't include a gem-encrusted blood vial. [People StyleWatch]

John Galliano is alive and well, but isn't taking any questions from the press. A leaked video shows the disgraced former Dior designer getting heckled by the paparazzi upon arriving in Los Angeles. When Galliano doesn't respond, one photographer morphs into the embodiment of an anonymous YouTube commenter and shouts "f*cking racist" as the designer walks away. Ah, celebrity tabloid culture couldn't be any classier. Video below. [Fashionologie]

Let's think about Shenae Grimes' face tattoo: the 90210 star has a black heart tattooed on her FACE and it kind of makes me nauseous to even type about it. It mostly just looks like a mole, except it's not a mole: it's a tattoo on her FACE that she'll have for the rest of her life. Not actually cool, mostly just makes me wonder what she was thinking when she decided it was a good idea. Probably not a 'Do' – anyone disagree? [Fabsugar UK]

Even though Shenae Grimes' face tattoo is pretty permanent, some celeb style misses have easy fixes. Case in point: Keira Knightley's look here might have been a little frumpy, but shopping for a more tailored skirt and a structured bag is a lot less painless than laser tattoo removal. [FashionGrail]

After winning her season of Project Runway, Gretchen Jones packed up her life in Portland and made a beeline for New York City, where she just unveiled an eponymous 21-look collection in her signature updated 70s boho-chic style (scroll down for lookbook photos). Unlike other designers on the fashion reality show, Jones mostly stayed away from bright colors and tongue-in-cheek culture references that made contestants like Christian Siriano fan favorites, but it was because of her contentious personality that the reality fashion show's fans started rooting against her. Jones thinks she was so unpopular because she won the first two challenges of the show, but I'm not sure that's entirely true. The designer responded to the pressure of the competition by criticizing her competitors and openly applauding her own successes. Basically, Jones was more preoccupied with getting what she wanted than with being nice, which isn't despicable but it's definitely unflattering onscreen: the camera always adds ten pounds of bitchiness. [WWDsubscription only]


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Gretchen JonesGretchen Jones

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