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Tom Ford Makes Time’s 100 List; Marchesa Honors the Playboy Bunny

Congrats to Tom Ford for making the 2011 Time 100 List. Based on actress Rita Wilson's blurb for the magazine, there seem to be three main reasons why the designer made the list: 1) his given name, Thomas Carlyle Ford, "reflects the elegance with which it would become synonymous." 2) in his private life, Tom Ford is a funnyman "who can keenly copy an expression, person or walk." 3) most importantly, it seems that the designer makes a habit of Skyping with Wilson from bed. Surely, these are all virtues, but Rita Wilson's chummy relationship with Tom doesn't actually explain how the designer's achievements have contributed to and influenced both the fashion industry and public life. "Friendships are his art," Wilson writes – which, okay, sure, forming relationships with other people is the art of being alive, but let's set profundity aside right now – Ford excels as a fashion designer, and I suspect that is the more pertinent art for these purposes. Another relevant tidbit: Ford also practices filmmaking on occasion. Also, Tom Ford really, really excels at being gorgeous, and Rita Wilson didn't even think to mention his supremely good looks. For shame! [Time]

Tom FordMarchesa Playboy

In honor of London's new Playboy Club, which opens its doors on June 4, Marchesa's redesigning the Bunny costume. Inspired by the original silhouette, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are reinterpreting the iconic ensemble with the brand's signature details, including hand-embroidery and draping (above). The outfit will be auctioned off to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. The Bunny outfit definitely needs an update, and I vote that Playboy asks a few other designers to contribute to the project: wouldn't you like to see how Rodarte would reinterpret Bunny ears? [Vogue UK]

From Bunnies to briefs, it's time to rethink the classics, and men's underwear is, weirdly, undergoing a major burst of innovation. While European boys are going crazy for bold colors and prints below the belt, men across the pond seem all too happy with their basic white Jockeys. To lure American boys into a new era of intimates, underwear designers are developing a special sort of skivvies: temperature-regulating boxers and briefs are poised to become the next big thing in men's retail. [WWD]

Even though I've fallen behind on this season of America's Next Top Model (due to evil Netflix Instant Watch and its 144 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), I still harbor a deep, confusing love for Tyra Banks. The latest installment in her Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion video series is devoted to the stiletto, and offers junkies a quick-fix of Tyra flailing her arms around, nuzzling with Andre Leon Talley, and grimacing into the camera. The former model manages to set the profession back by about a decade when she fumbles some basic subtraction (in Tyra's brain, 5 minus 1 equals 3) and brags that "it's math, BABY!" Video below. Enjoy!