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Royal Wedding: Memorabilia Mayhem

royal wedding memrabilia

It seems the whole world has royal wedding fever, but in London, the mania has been pushed to the extreme. Beyond the hordes of fans camped out on the sidewalks opposite Westminster Abbey, the entire city has been blanketed with union jacks as they line every street and float above central shopping destinations.

Regent Street in London

London has its fair share of tacky tourist souvenirs on a normal day, but with the royal nuptials there is nary a shop in sight without some sort of memorabilia. After all, what would a social event be without its commemorative shot glass, tea towel, and… pizza? It would appear retailers and bric-a-brac merchants alike are looking to cash out on the tourists and royal enthusiasts, and here are some of the more memorable (and ridiculous) collectibles:

royal wedding beer

1. 'Kiss Me Kate' has become a common phrase and has been emblazoned on everything from tote bags to lip gloss but this brew (literally… it's beer) might just give you the courage to go after your own Kate. 

royal wedding condoms

2. If that goes well, you might have a need for the Crown Jewels. Described as 'condoms of distinction' these souvenirs help to ensure we don't have little princes and princesses running around just yet. 

royal wedding pizza

3. Want to taste a bit of royalty? Look no further. Papa John's pizza might not be the most attractive of royal wedding collectibles but it is certainly the most inventive. 

royal wedding refridgerator

4. Before you eat your pizza, be sure to keep it cool in this GE fridge. While this idea of having a photo blown up on a fridge is cool, I'm not sure this shot is what I want to see when I go reaching for the juice first thing in the morning. 

royal wedding tea bags

5. There are few things that Britons love more than a warm cup of tea to survive the rainy days. These commemorative bags let you hang out with the royal couple whilst enjoying your favorite drink.