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The Glossies: May 2011 Best and Worst Covers

best and worst of May magazines

When it came to this month's glossies, there was nothing more refreshing than seeing supermodel Cindy Crawford looking stunningly gorgeous and fit on the cover of both Elle China and Vogue Mexico.

Elle's U.S. counterpart didn't disappoint either this month with Gwen Stefani showing off a platinum, slicked-back hairdo while posing in a one-sleeve Pre-Fall 2011 Givenchy look. Unfortunately, Vogue's U.S. edition didn't fare quite as well, putting an awkwardly sultry-looking Reese Witherspoon, once again, on the cover of their magazine this month. One thing's for sure, bombshell blond was definitely popular this month as it was also the choice for pixie haired Michelle WilliamsInterview cover. At least for her part, Williams looked sultry, and there was nothing awkward about it, as she posed for her close-up shot in a Celine sweater.

Michelle WIlliam May 2011

As for Lady Gaga, fresh off her Vogue cover, the singer appeared on the Harper's Bazaar May 2011 cover in this month's other popular hair color, strawberry blonde, with her infamous cheekbones which she insists are her bones and not prosthetics. While I could do without the somewhat disturbing cheekbones, kudos to Harper's Bazaar for delivering an interesting cover in an overly-Gaga saturated market. Do a 180 and you'll get InStyle's May 2011 cover featuring a fresh-faced Kate Hudson. It's hard not to find appeal in Hudson and her smile is a perfect fit for a spring cover.

Kate Huduson May 2011 coverJillian Michaels May 2011

The Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels covers this month's Shape and it's a pity that they Photoshopped her bikini-clad body as it looks much better untouched on the show. What they should have opted to Photoshop was her somewhat smug expression — truly a pity as Michaels comes off as a passionate individual in on-camera interviews.

Gwen Paltrow May 2011 coverJanuary Jones May 2011

For a look at a bikini done right, check-out the May 2011 issue of Self which featured a glowing Gwyneth Paltrow. From bikini to bathing suit, January Jones looks smashing in a strapless look on the cover of W. The actress also appeared on the cover of Marie Claire's UK edition in a cut-out Gucci dress similar to the Topshop Unique one Ginnifer Goodwin opted for at this year's Met Gala.

January Jones Marie Claire UKLauren Conrad May 2011

The month's biggest disappointment, however, came courtesy of Allure for the sheer fact that they opted to put Lauren Conrad on the cover without giving much of a convincing justification as to why she is still relevant in her post-The Hills career. Are we truly to believe she's morphed into a beauty maven?