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nOir Launches Barbie-Inspired Collection

Noir Barbie ring

Noir fall 2011noir fall2011

Barbie-inspired charm necklace; Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired ring

It's always a fun treat when I'm invited to stop by nOir's showroom. Not only is the jewelry brand one of my personal favorites, but the designer, Leeora Catalan, and her staff are always upbeat, charming, and seem genuinely excited about all of their projects and designs. The brand has collaborated with everyone from L.A.M.B. and The Blonds to DC Comics and Walt Disney Signature, and for their latest project, they were asked by Mattel to create a limited edition Barbie-inspired collection.

noir barbie collection 2011

nOir’s classic metal pyramid bracelets and rings were reimagined in Barbie’s perfect-for-spring signature pink with a metallic finish and pave stones and the collection also includes a gold plated chain to which colorful, fun charms can be added (everything from a curling iron to a ring from Ken). In true nOir style, a charm is never just a charm and most of the pieces feature movable parts and intricate details like quilting and mini pearls. The piece de resistance, however, is without a doubt the Barbie’s Dream House Ring. The pink enamel two story house stunner has stairs and a dangling chandelier and it can be worn open on two fingers or closed on one.

The collection is available online, at department stores, and high end specialty boutiques and prices range from $30 to $375.

While I was in the showroom, Catalan also gave me a sneak peek at an upcoming collection they designed for the upcoming release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which will be available later this month. It includes a movable "sinking ship" ring and plenty of fashionable and surprisingly approachable skulls — even for women like myself who don't typically gravitate towards skulls.

As for Fall 2011, I spotted a number of covetable pieces including ones accented with black and neon feathers and intricately crafted, sculptural necklaces and bracelets, and stackable rings — all of which will make for a slew of seasonless statement pieces.

Noir fall 2011

noir fall 2011

noir fall 2011

noir fall 2011

noir fall 2011

noir fall 2011