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Lady Gaga for Madame Figaro; Balmain’s Diffusion Line

Lady Gaga needs a vacation from over-the-top styling

Lady Gaga Madame Figaro 2

In the past few months, your supreme leader, Miss Lady Gaga, has been so busy galloping from magazine to magazine, jutting out her hips and sobbing about the price of fame, that's she's been seeming a wee bit overexposed. She threw on a pink bobbed wig for the cover of Vogue, glued on some extensions for Harper's Bazaar the following month, and grew a couple spare heads for V. Her latest antics come courtesy of Madame Figaro, where her head is topped off by a futuristic halo headdress. We've already learned that all of her wacked-out hairstyles are doing their part to make Mother Monster go bald, so I'd like to suggest that for Gaga's next glossy mag photoshoot, the stylist tosses all the hair dye, wigs, and ornaments, all the sky-high heels and structured armor gowns: the popstar's super-stylized look is slowly breaking down her body, but it's also getting boring. You know what I'd like to see? Lady Gaga dressed to go to bed, just after a shower. If only Mugler made pajamas. [DesignScene]

Balmain gets a diffusion line

Balmain is launching a ready-to-wear diffusion line targeted at men and women, which will be produced under license by the Italian company, Ittierre SpA. Named Pierre Balmain, the secondary line will be created by a separate design team but still overseen by the French fashion house's new head designer, Olivier Rousteing. [WWD]

Justin Bieber launches a new fragrance, gets the packaging wrong

It looks like Justin Bieber is intent on building up his own beauty empire: the pint-sized pop star has already launched his own line of OPI nail polishes and unisex fragrance for Walmart, but now he's moving on up to the world of prestige scents. Geared towards teenage girls, Biebo's new Someday perfume will retail from $35-$55, but some proceeds will go to charity. The 17-year-old told WWD that he decided to move into the world of ladies fragrances because, "Let's be real, the way a girl smells is very important to a guy! I have such a deep connection with my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is another way I can bring them closer to my world." Unfortunately, Bieber's world seems to look a lot like Marc Jacobs', and the scent's bottle looks a lot like a down-market version of Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume (pictures below). If Justin needs some help packaging his next fragrance, I've got an idea that won't infringe on anyone's intellectual property: if teen girls really go so wild for the Biebster's mop top, why not have the singer's glorious hair be the star of his next perfume bottle? Pictures below. [FabSugar UK]

Bieber perfume

From left to right: Justin Bieber's new Someday fragrance, Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume, my mock-up for Bieber's next fragrance packaging

Tyra Banks is bored of America's Next Top Models

We already know that the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model is going to bring back past contestants for a ludicrous All-Stars season, but Tyra Banks has just revealed that there will never again be another "normal" cycle of the surreal reality modeling competition. Looks like the ANTM crew's attempts at high fashion didn't pan out, and the CW show will now rely on special "themed" shows until the end of days. It's not clear exactly what that'll mean for the beloved trash serial, but we can probably expect entire seasons devoted to specific body types (plus-sized models, short models, three-headed models) or personalities (oversharers, overcriers, victims of abuse). A commenter on ONTD suggested a runners-up season, which could be pure gold, I think. [OhNoTheyDidn't]