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Karlie Kloss for H&M Fall 2011; Dree Hemingway for Justin Bieber’s Someday Ad [VIDEO]

Karlie Kloss in knitwear for H&M's Fall 2011 Lookbook

Karlie Kloss for H&M Fall 2011 LookbookYou might be twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the next crop of fall ad campaigns to materialize on your computer screen, but if you need a fix of some pretty girls in autumn/winter finery and you've already OD'd on the leaked Louis Vuitton campaign, you might enjoy H&M's Fall 2011 lookbook, featuring Karlie Kloss. The model gets all wrapped up in knitwear for the Swedish retailer's fall collection portfolio. Karlie's tongue-in-cheek catalog poses, dark cherry mouth, and super-sleek, super-long hair are definitely all delightful, but even more to the point, the supermodel makes the fast-fashion clothing look really good.

The styling definitely does its share of the heavy lifting here. We can all pick up some cues from the layered texture and thoughtful use of color in the individual outfits, but I'd suspect that it would take a supermodel to pull off some of the other choices. Pairing ankle-cropped wide-leg pants with booties [below] might be unflattering on a girl of average height, and frankly, I'd avoid these particular H&M pants entirely, unless you've got Karlie Kloss proportions and aren't worried about things getting a little bulgy around your hips. But those elbow-length grey knit and brown leather gloves? Fit for a real girl.  [FashionGoneRogue]

Karlie Kloss H&M Lookbook

Mulberry Bayswater Oversized Tote

Mulberry's "Bayswater" satchel (below, right) gets a sister: an oversized grainy calf tote (below, left). The spin-off bag might outshine its satchel sibling: the rich chestnut color and buttery soft leather would pair well with a wide range of colors without seeming like a mere afterthought, and the bag's thousand-league depths will satisfy those of us that like to carry around way too much stuff. Bagsnob points out that the tassel is detachable, so there's only one drawback to this tote, and that's the price: $1,756 is a pretty penny to drop on a bag. [BagSnob]

Mulberry Bayswater Tote and Satchel

Roberto Cavalli 2012 Resort Collection

Roberto Cavalli's 2012 resort girl might look sweet and flirty in pleated floral minis by day, but at night she gets decked out in sequins and skin-tight python pants. That seems like a transformation I could get behind, if the actual clothing weren't so boring. I know most resortwear isn't exactly a fashion thrill ride, but the 2012 collections have been exceptionally snooze-worthy. [WWD]

Roberto Cavalli Resort

Justin Bieber Someday Fragrance Ad with Dree Hemingway

Someday Justin bieber Dree HemingwayWe've chatted about Justin Bieber's new Someday fragrance, but today we're getting a double-feature treat: the perfume's print and video ads featuring Dree Hemingway have both been released, and the teen dream-boy has outdone himself. In the video ad (below), Dree Hemingway is sitting in her boudoir pouting at her own reflection in the mirror. Is she lonely? Attracted to herself? It doesn't matter, because with a single spritz of Someday, she's transported out of her room. Before we know it, she's floating through the gentle sky at sundown along with her fantasy man, Justin Bieber. They embrace and giggle and tickle each other's fingertips. At one point, Dree literally rides on Bieber's back, before they soar back down into her bedroom. Her teenage dream (as if we're really supposed to believe that the 25-year-old model has such a hard time with men that she needs to pine over a twerpy 17-year-old boy) is entranced by her perfume: what's that scent?, he wonders as he sinks his sweet face into her neck. The moral of the story: "Never let go with the new fragrance for her that gives back." With Bieber's Someday perfume, you never have to let go of the fantasy that little Justin Bieber will drop Selena Gomez and fall head-over-heels for you, and his miraculous scent will make you irresistible as you bide your time. Anyway, the print ad reverses the video's scenario: Dree Hemingway seems so entranced by Bieber that she's a few seconds away from biting off his ear. It begs the question: if Someday fragrance for women is so seductive, why is Bieber completely ignoring the well-scented model standing to his left? [Fashin]