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Abbey Lee Kershaw Looks Awful on Another Magazine Cover

Abbey Lee Kershaw needs a vacation. Or a nap.

Abbey Lee Kershaw The JournalWhen we saw Abbey Lee Kershaw's mess of a Vogue Japan cover last week, I think we all assumed it was a one-off or a fluke: so many forces have to come together to make a standout cover that Abbey's zombie-impersonation might have been blamed on the stylist, the hair and makeup artists, the photo editor, the graphic designer, just whoever. Very unfortunately, another cover followed on Vogue Japan's heels, and the top model looked just as ghastly. Holding a crust of bread, her chapped lips covered with crumbs, Abbey looks seriously sick on the cover of the newest issue of The Journal. And I don't mean she looks "high fashion-sick" or "edgy-sick" or any of the other sick kinds of sick glamorized by the sick minds of fashion editors: Abbey Lee Kershaw looks like she should be eating that piece of bread instead of just posing with it. She could also benefit from a nice lentil soup, a piece of cheese, and some deep conditioner. The hell with it: she needs to eat a steak, some oven-roasted potatoes, a spinach salad, and then sleep through an entire night. That always make me feel good as new. [Fashin]


Lady Gaga covers Rolling Stone for the third time

Since I've never actually purchased an issue of Rolling Stone, I've constructed an entire imagined narrative about the magazine based on the fact that Annie Liebovitz got her start taking pictures for them in the Sixties, the mag was once featured on an unsuccessful MTV show called I Want to Write for Rolling Stone, and last year, they ran a profile of Stanley McChrystal that led the then-general to resign from his post as Commander in Afghanistan. But thanks to their latest Lady Gaga cover, I now have a little bit more insight into the goings-on at the once-famed music mag. Since this is the pop star's third cover, I think it's pretty clear that staff at the magazine have given up on being tastemakers and cultural arbiters and now devote the majority of their working hours to baking cupcakes for Lady Gaga's publicist, giving her pedicures and deep back massages, and doing her laundry. If print dies, blame them.

On a more uplifting note, someone took my advice and toned down Gaga's hyper-styled look in an effort to make her seem a little less one-dimensional. The alternative to the mega star's couture bondage style? Either stripping her down to just her undergarments or dressing her up as a fairy princess and ditching her in a meadow. Ugh, please bring back Madonna? Pictures below. [DippedInCream]

Lady GagaLady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga