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Forum Buzz: Ashley Olsen Channels Carrie Bradshaw; Keira Knightley Ties a Knot

Ashley Olsen bares her midriffAshley Olsen Channels Carrie Bradshaw

A few days ago in New York City, Ashley Olsen wore what Thefrenchy described as “a Carrie Bradshaw-esque outfit” when she stepped out in a midi-length pale blue skirt and a striped knit cropped cardigan top from Chanel's 2011 resort collection.

The curve-hugging outfit with the midriff-baring top comes as a surprise after a slew of recent shapeless and billowing outfits that forum members have been referring to as “granny-chic” or muumuus.

“She [looks] pretty hot,” chicandcool observed. “Wasn't expecting to see the bare midriff.”

“That's an amazing look! So glad to see her in something like that – she looks fabulous!” wrote rainy_spring.

Wolkfolk called it: “one of my favorite [outfits] of hers this year.”

Zposen posted: "I am so crushing on Ash's NYC summer style… really effortless and chic."

If anyone’s been keeping track of Ashley Olsen’s hits and misses, add this one to the “hits” column.


Keira Knightley yellow skirt and knotted white topKeira Knightley Ties a Knot

No, Keira Knightley is not married, but she literally tied the ends of her shirt in a knot this past weekend. Like Ashley Oslen, she exposed a sliver of midriff and wore a midi-length skirt, but where Ashley channeled Carrie Bradshaw, Keira evoked “Audrey [Hepburn's] style in Roman Holiday,” according to Lacroix.

Forum members for the most part loved Keira's look as she strolled down the street in Venice, California with her current beau James Righton. Her softly pleated skirt in a bright and sunny yellow was definitely a unanimous hit. “Love this outfit! She looks amazing and that yellow skirt is so pretty,” sobriquet87 admired.  

Some of the styling choices however, were not so well received. “This knot is cute, but that brown belt [Keira] puts on each outfit it's killing me… I love the outfit except for the belt,” declared dajrekshn.

Papa_levante thought Keira looked “pretty and perfect except the sandals don't quiiite match.” Melly5525 agreed, stating: “Love this look, very charming and pretty. The yellow skirt is gorgeous, [but] brown sandals would’ve looked better than black.”


Vogue UK July 2011 Ageless Issue - Vanessa ParadisVanessa Paradis is Not Ageless

Vogue UK may be advertising “The eternal allure of Vanessa Paradis” on the cover of its “Ageless” July 2011 issue, but Fashion Spot forum members aren’t getting it. 

“Terrible,” MON described. “I love Vanessa but she just looked Aged here. The hair is terribly done.”

“What a waste of such a beautiful woman.” Mikel lamented.

“It's a shame they made her look so awful. There's really no need for that much orange,” McQueezy posted.

MimiV asked: “Is this cover supposed to teach women that they can all look twice their age with the wrong styling? I didn't think it was possible to make someone like Vanessa Paradis look plain ugly but you, Vogue UK, succeeded with the impossible!”

Between the styling, the hair, the makeup, and the Halloween colors on the cover, Vogue UK created a perfect storm of things for forum members to hate about this. It's probably not the best idea to make your cover model look older for your "Ageless" issue, is it?


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