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Forum Buzz: Christian Dior Resort Reactions; The Row Debuts Luxe Handbags

Christian Dior Resort 2012Christian Dior Resort Reviews

Images for Christian Dior’s Resort 2012 collection have emerged and been met with mixed feelings. This is the first collection to fully have nothing to do with ousted designer John Galliano, and the house has yet to name a successor.

“I think the Design Team [has] done a wonderful job without a Creative Director at the helm, the collection isn't 'WOW' but I don't think that's its purpose. It’s meant to work in reality, not a fantasy world. I don't love it, but I do like a few pieces and I do like the sandals,” Chanelcouture09 reviewed.

“It doesn't look Dior! It doesn't even give off [the] same aura!” lamented ToniOrtega. The dramatic flair that Galliano brought to the brand was conspicuously absent. “Suddenly I miss Galliano,” elle_gb admitted.

MyNameIs observed, “It's funny how everyone's been wanting some change at Dior for some years now, but at least for me, this is not the change I wanted. The pieces here don't say Dior to me and they're not really anything special, Dior or not.”

Clo argued that the collection was reminiscent of pre-Gallano Dior. “This may not look like Galliano's Dior but it does look like the Dior of the early and mid eighties,” she wrote. “I have some fashion magazines from back then and some of these looks could have been created at that time. Of course this must look pretty weird for the younger generation but for me it isn't that bad or strange.”

Dazzling85 was a fan of the new look: “Finally a big change from the typical Dior designs which were repetitive," she wrote. "This collection is very resort, very rich, very elegant looking. It keeps to the Dior house line in my opinion, but in such a new and fresh way.”

Whatever your thoughts on this resort collection, it seems to be more of a placeholder than anything else. There’s no strong point of view because there’s no Creative Director in place to enforce an idea and take the reigns. When Dior finally names a replacement for Galliano, then we’ll really have something to talk about.


British Magazines Love Rosie Huntington-Whitely

In advance of her acting-turn in the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon, model Rosie Huntington-Whitely is getting a lot of love from British magazines this month as she graces the covers of Elle UK and British GQ

Elle UK July 2011 Cover - Rosie Huntington-WhitelyElle UK July 2011 Subscriber Cover - Rosie Huntington-WhitelyBritish GQ Cover - Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Elle UK newsstand cover, Elle UK subscriber cover, British GQ cover

In the Elle UK thread, members critiqued the cover. “Love the creamy tones on the cover, but I don't like how they styled her,” Mchunu wrote. “A bit predictable but it's hard to sway away from… girl's quite the bombshell!”

Fluxxx shared his thoughts as well: “Her hands look so weird on the newsstand cover, but the subscriber cover is really lovely. I love it. And a nice thing from the subscriber cover is I don't see her pouting,” he laughed.

ParisFashionMuse couldn’t hold back her enthusiasm: “I’m not a die hard fan of Rosie or a thread subscriber… but my oh my! That [Elle] cover is insanely hot! I can’t stop looking at it! Very well executed!”

Rosie’s other magazine cover also got some praise. “Loving her British GQ! Rosie slays!” TeeVanity exclaimed. Elle_gb was another member who didn’t hold back with the exclamation points. “The cover shot is insane, she's on fire!!!” he posted.

I’m sure we can expect more of that sultry femme fatale vibe from Rosie in the new Transformers movie… if any of us are actually interested enough in going to see it.


The Row's Debut Handbag Collection

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seem determined to conquer the fashion world one step at a time, and the next part of their plan is the release of handbags under their high end label, The Row. The sophisticated collection will hit stores late July. If you’re looking to buy one, be prepared for a hefty price tag. Whether the bags are leather or made in exotic skins, prices seem to range from $4,700 to $5,800. 

The Row Twin Mini handbagThe Row Day Luxe BagThe Row Frame Alligator Bag

The Row Twin Mini Bag, The Row Day Luxe Bag, The Row Metal Frame Alligator Clutch

For tFS forum members, the collection is feeling a bit too derivative. “They are expensive knock-offs,” honeyisle asserted. Lucy92 conceded that “the ostrich twin bags look really good,” before adding, “The other bags seem reminiscent of Celine however.”

Kimair observed that “the tote is almost exactly like the Fendi ‘twins’ bag that Ashley carries all the time.” Thefrenchy confessed to a mutual feeling. “That was my first thought,” he posted. PrincessImp was also in agreement, saying, “A lot of the designs seem very inspired.”

While initial reactions in the forums don’t seem overly enthusiastic, I can’t help thinking that based on Mary-Kate and Ashley’s previous track record, this handbag line will be a success.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums: Elle UK subscriber cover scanned by Vogue28, The Row handbag images courtesy of