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Forum Buzz: Emma Stone is a Winner in Bottega Veneta; Helena Bonham Carter Does Marc Jacobs

Emma Stone For the Win

Emma Stone in Bottega Veneta - MTV Movie Awards

Not only is Emma Stone back to her natural red locks, but she also took home the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic performance for her role in Easy A – and she looked good doing it. Even though Twilight-mania took over the awards show (and fans of Kristen Stewart loved her strapless Balmain mini-dress), Emma Stone seemed to be more of an understated favorite in the forums. 

Saann was definitely impressed. “Emma is just glowing,” she wrote. “She looks incredible and is by far the best dressed. I'm still in awe, so gorgeous!” Several other forum members also crowned her with the distinction of being best dressed at the awards show. 

LolaSvelt was initially on the fence about Emma’s look but she quickly became a convert. “At first I wasn't so sure about the dress, but I only had to look at the pictures in HQ for me to change my mind completely. It's so pretty! So good to see her in Bottega Veneta.”

YoninahAliza had compliments all-around. “She looked divine in her dress and also I am so happy she's back to being a ginger. So glad she won for best comedic performance. Thank God – that was a silver lining in an otherwise awful awards show,” she added. I guess YoninahAliza’s not a Twilight fan?


Helena Bonham Carter is Head Over Heels for Marc Jacobs

Helena Bonham Carter is known for her kooky sense of style – she’s made no secret that she just likes to have fun with clothes and doesn’t take fashion too seriously – and now she’s been photographed by Juergen Teller for what appears to be the official Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011 ad campaign. Kimair shared some snapshots of the ad that ran in last week’s WWD

Helena Bonham Carter photographed by Juergen Teller for Marc Jacons fall 2011

Reactions to the debut ad were mixed. LiranYana complained, “[It] reminds me too much of The Exorcist.” But, Ives927 was happy to see Helena in the campaign. “Helena!” he exclaimed, “I love that shot, it's kooky. She wears the collection surprisingly well.”

Judelove thinks that Juergen Teller’s aesthetic for the brand is getting tired, “but I guess if it's the same concept season after season, at least Helena is an interesting choice of model,” she wrote. You can always count on Helena Bonham Carter for something a bit out of the ordinary.


Mariacarla Boscono for NARS ad campaignMariacarla Boscono and NARS Make a Great Match

FLARE magazine recently tweeted a snapshot of the NARS ad campaign featuring Mariacarla Boscono, and tFS forum members couldn’t be happier with it. Mariacarla may not be a household name, but she’s a bit of a cult favorite for fashion lovers. “I'm in love with this,” gushed Squizree. “Who has a sharper, edgier look than Mariacarla? Nobody does.”

“Is it even possible to go wrong with MCB?” asked Bezimienna. “She just cannot fail to look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G,” Northern Star declared, adding, “Also no bias attached, but she is perfect for this.”

Mikel noted, “Francois Nars manages to bring out the best in his models.” TheChosen1 would agree with that assessment of the transformative power of NARS makeup. “Mariacarla looks pretty pretty rather than the usual edgy pretty. I soo LOVE this,” he wrote.

ParisFashionMuse is completely sold. “This has got to be the first cosmetics campaign since I can remember that I have ever said ‘Wow I want everything she is wearing.’ This is sheer perfection.”

If the NARS makeup counter looks especially crowded in the near future, let’s just credit this ad.


The Girl With the Naked Torso

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie poster - Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara

Stieg Larsson’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series has gained popularity as a must-read throughout the world and many fans are surely looking forward to the upcoming Hollywood film by David Fincher featuring Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander and Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist, but will the promotional poster draw people into the theaters?  

Kobro22 is a fan of the book but the poster for the movie isn’t working for her. “I hate the international poster,” she wrote, “it misrepresents in my view what Lisbeth stood for.”

Sobriquet87 is “not a fan of that poster,” for a similar reason. She explained, “Mainly because I don't think Lisbeth would let him touch her like that. She's very standoffish when it comes to people.” Despite the misrepresentation of the title character on the poster, it may still be serving its purpose. Sobriquet87 continued, saying, “I'm really excited to see Rooney's performance now. She definitely looks the part.”

Swingkat took issue with the female nudity. “Typical Hollywood, of course the girl would be naked from the waist up, while the guy would still be fully clothed,” she rolled her eyes and added, “Sex sells but come on.”

Sex definitely sells, especially for men, and the Hollywood marketing machine knows that, so it doesn’t matter if the poster doesn’t really represent the nuances of the characters. If we’re honest, this poster isn’t really targeting people who are already fans of the book. “I guess they figured that those of us who read and loved the books will go and see the movie,” kobro22 posted. “So now they are trying to get the rest of the population interested, especially guys under 35.”

Nudity and character debates aside, wouldn’t it have been nice if we could catch a glimpse of the actual dragon tattoo? It is part of the title after all…


Emma Stone image courtesy of Nikki Nelson/, other images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.