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Anna Dello Russo’s 10 Rules of Sale Shopping; Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton

Anna Dello Russo tackles retail sale strategy

Anna Dello RussoAlthough it's hard to imagine Anna Dello Russo rummaging through the sales bin, it turns out that the Vogue Nippon editrix has a lot to say about penny pinching. In the style of her infamous "10 Rules for the Met Gala" post, Dello Russo has just released a new memo: "The fateful moment of CLOTHING SALE is coming! I'm going to tell you my 10 RULES for making excellent purchases." Obviously, hilarity ensues. Peppered with random forays into caps-lock and set in the editor's trademarked broken English, Anna Dello Russo's "10 Rules for the SALES" boils down to one simple principle: if you're getting a discount off retail price, you've got to up your standards to ensure that you buy "Only MASTERPIECES!" That's rule one. Not clear enough for you? That's why ADR included rules two through nine. Rule two: "Not buy USELESS stuff. They are like the exotic SOUVENIRS, that when you return from the trip, encumber and ruin the aesthetics of the house." I wonder how many souvenirs it takes to ruin the aesthetics of an entire house. Because one little tchotchke isn't going to make a difference, I'm guessing that whatever ADR's lugging home includes whole suitcases filled with woodwork and battle shields from Kilimanjaro. Relatable!  The one time fashion people feel comfortable advising consumers to curb their spending is when it comes to discounted or non-designer goods. Something isn't retail price? You better think twice. Or, in Anna's words: "Don't get DUPED by sales: They are like the beautiful mermaids of PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN 4 that first seduce you and then drag you to the bottom of the sea." [ADR Blog]


Angelina Jolie is photographed in Cambodia by Louis Vuitton

Annie Leibovitz photographed Angelina Jolie in Cambodia for Louis Vuitton's "Core Values" campaign, and the ad will debut in Wednesday's International Herald Tribune. Some reports have stated that Jolie was paid millions of dollars to appear in the print campaign, and Louis Vuitton's executive vice-president, Pietro Beccari told WWD that the actress donated an undisclosed portion of her fee to charity. A preview of the ad appears below, and the first print run will be followed by an interview with Jolie on the LV website. [WWD]

Angelina Jolie


How to find a bag that flatters your body type

I've never considered my body type when purchasing a bag, but it seems intuitive that the accessory could flatter a figure. Turns out that if you're slender, you should seek out a cross-body bag to create the illusion of curves; if you're petite, go for a compact top-handle bag to elongate your silhouette; leggy girls should go for oversized statement bags to balance out their look; and curvy girls should go for a clutch to fit in to the small of their waist. [BettyConfidential]


Prada and Gucci dominate Spring glossy covers

These 5 spring designer looks are battling it out on the covers of international glossy magazines, and it's clear that they have a lot in common: the season is all about bright, attention-grabbing colors and fitted silhouettes. All five looks are either by Prada or Gucci, and the styles tap into several of this season's most popular trends: color blocking, graphic prints, metallics, and bright hues.  [Fashionista]