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Anna Wintour Wins a Webby; Tom Ford’s Fall Lookbook (VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO!)

Anna Wintour Webbys

Anna Wintour acknowledges the Internet

Last night at the Webbys, won the "People's Voice" award for fashion, and for some inexplicable reason, the producers of the awards show chose Daniel Radcliffe to present the award to Anna Wintour. Your favorite editrix slinked onto stage, accepted the award, and purred her requisite 5-word speech into the microphone, "Sometimes, geeks can be chic," before sprinting back to her seat. Watch the micro-acceptance speech below. [Fashionista]


Olsen twins turn 25

The Olsen twins have just turned 25, and they've had more success in their quarter-centrury on this earth than most people will have in their lifetime. At this juncture, it might be a good time to assess the twins' influence on fashion: Styleite reminds us that Mary Kate & Ashley popularized oversized sunglasses, Balenciaga bags, full eyebrows, statement scarves, and fur. Can you imagine styling an outfit without any of those items in your closet?  If it weren't for the Olsen twins, most of us would probably go naked. [Styleite]

I resent Tom Ford's video lookbook

When he realized that he'd actually have to sell clothing from his new line and not just stage super-secret awesome elite runway shows, Tom Ford put together a video lookbook and released it for the viewing pleasure of the unwashed masses. It's basically just a photo lookbook that's set to music and moves through pictures of the various looks really, really quickly (so you can't really luxuriate over the details). It's silly and I wish we could just have decent sized pictures, but enjoy anyway. [Fashionologie]


Helena Bonham Carter's fashion-forward skin disease

Helena Bonham Carter

Ahhhh! The latest image from Helena Bonham Carter's campaign for Marc Jacobs is just totally nuts. When the first image was teased last week, most were intrigued to see the rest of the campaign but largely unimpressed. HBC was first writhing on the ground like a wacky elf, and due to her latest ad, we know why: the concept of MJ's latest campaign seems to be "Marc Jacobs is so awesome that even wacky elves with skin disease and indigestion will take time away from feeling miserable to get dressed in the label's awesome clothing." To be honest, I know this new ad is crazytown, but I love it. Most of the time, when designers glorify ugly they go for derelict, decaying ugliness (like Jean Paul Gaultier's vision of homeless couture). As ugliness goes, that version is mostly unattainable and so bound up with class that it's a little icky. Marc Jacobs' line seems to be more that ugliness can be fun and silly, and actually, a little gross. It's like high-concept toilet humor, and it's a good way to deflate the sense of superiority and seriousness that pervades the fashion industry: I know it's a cliche to say that "it's just clothing," but it's just clothing! Stress less, laugh more. [Fashin]