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The Hunch: A Look at the Preeminent Supermodel Pose and How to Perfect It

the supermodel hunchAttention Ladies! Vogue-ing is out, the hands-on-hip-with-chest-out look is so passé, and save those sucked-in ‘kissy faces’ for MySpace. If you’re really looking to turn heads in your latest threads this season, look no further than the ‘Couture Hunch Pose’.

You’re all familiar: arms akimbo, legs apart, neck and shoulders forward, with the back ever-so-slightly arched. Harking back to the early 50s — thanks to Christian Dior model and muse, Dorian Elizabeth Parker — the ‘Couture Hunch’ made an aggressive resurgence in the late 90s and quickly became the consummate Haute Couture pose du jour.

These days, everyone from classic Supers like Cindy Crawford to modern Monsters like Lady Gaga have been seen hurling ‘The Hunch’, and for good reason. While seemingly awkward and senseless, ‘The Hunch’ is actually meant to elongate the neck and torso, while simultaneously flattering one’s arms. And done correctly, can make the huncheven the thinnest model look leaner, subsequently enhancing the audible garment in question.

Sure it’s relatively easy to imitate, but perfecting ‘The Hunch’ is an art form and essential Super asset — one of the mandatory courses taught at Vogue Academy — along with the Runway Horse Trot and the Binge, Purge n’ Repeat. Just ask legendary Super and Queen of the HunchNaomi Campbell, who’s been clenching her waist to millions for the past two decades!

So come on, ladies — clamp those ribs, arch those backs, and get your Hunch on! It’s easy, effective, and oh tres chic. And what’s more? Now boys can do it too!





Niklas boy hunchLisa Rinna hunch

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