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Tavi Gevinson Opens Up; Snooki Sells Pickle Flip-Flops

Tavi opens up her locker and a bunch of stuff falls out.

Tavi GevinsonTavi Gevinson wrote her first piece for Jane Pratt's new site,, a teenage twist on the classic women's mag "What's In Your Bag" feature, about the contents of Tavi's high school locker. What's in her locker? Enough crap to swim in. Groundbreaking! No seriously: Tavi shows off a giant pile of trash that includes a blue wig, a French dictionary, tap shoes, and no joke, a "Ziploc bag full of some strange half-liquid/half-solid green/brown mush." XOJane targets a post-25 readership, so I honestly have no idea why so many grown women care to know that a fourteen-year-old girl is hoarding in her high school locker. As a fashion observer, Tavi had an interesting point-of-view, but altogether she's just a bright, normal teenage girl that should be writing for other teenage girls. There's no way that independent, adult women with REAL LIVES (some combination of jobs, bills, relationships, friends, children, and housekeeping responsibilities) actually find it compelling to read about a high school freshman confessing that she's kind of a slob. This isn't at all a criticism of Tavi, who's only ever been sweet and genuine, and it isn't even a criticism of XOJane. The locker expose might have been a lazy direction editorially, but XOJane did what any other publication would have done in its place: XOJane published a piece by a popular, much-hyped writer that a bunch of people were guaranteed to read. Mostly, I just think that Jane Pratt and Tavi should finally start that oft-promised site for teenage girls and that adult women should find a spokeswoman that can speak to the things that matter to them. [XOJane via Racked]

I'm a sucker for Snooki's new pickle flip-flops

Snooki's expanding her slipper line to include flip-flops, which is actually the first brilliant thing she's ever done, besides trying out for Jersey Shore. Of course the reality star should sell beachy footwear: Snooki's the national queen of flip-flops, the expert of all things thong. I think I'm mostly so enthusiastic about this latest venture because I think the pink and green pickle flip-flops (below) are cute and silly and pickles remind me of an old friend that was obsessed with pickles (hi Jenny!). I wouldn't be that happy to have Snooki's signature scrawled all over my shoes, but I'm so into the pickles that I might be able to compromise. [SheFinds]

Snooki Pickle FlipFlops


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