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Forum Buzz: Sienna Miller’s White Lace Fail; Etro Switches Up Its Ad Style

Sienna Miller Ralph Lauren white lace dress Wimbledon PartySienna Miller’s White Lace Failure

Some celebrities have shown us how to wear a white dress the right way, and now Sienna Miller has come along to show us to wear one the wrong way. At the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Party in London last Tuesday, nothing about Sienna’s outfit or styling was doing her any favors. 

“That’s pretty awful,” observed isa.b.elle., who was unable to decide whether the hair or the dress was the main offender. 

Seeing Sienna seemed to scare eizhowa away from making a purchase. “That dress makes me want to rethink buying a shirt in that style,” she confessed.

Label Basher is thinking that Sienna just may not be a Ralph Lauren girl. “I can see what she was going for but it just didn't work… she looks a bit uncomfortable,” she posted.

Not Plain Jane also posted her take on the ensemble: “The hair is some kind of wacky hybrid between a bun and a ponytail; it's not working. Also, the dress: it has potential, but the styling, or lack thereof, is off here. Finally, please, girls!” she pleaded. “Stop with the wearing of ankle boots every time you put on shorts or a short dress. I LOVE ankle boots, but seeing them over and over the same way is making me tire of them. Try some, you know, shoes. Or sandals, even.”

So, if you want to try the white lace dress look, steer clear of Sienna’s example, find something you’re comfortable in, and maybe leave your ankle boots in the closet – they no longer look unexpected and original.


Etro Changes Its Ad Strategy

For its Fall 2011 ad campaign, Etro has decided to steer clearing of using backstage shots from their runway shows as they have done in the previous campaigns and has instead hired Mario Testino to photograph models Bruce Machado, Andrés Risso, and Aymeline Valade in a more traditional type of campaign. So far the change seems to be working in their favor. “That’s quite a step forward for Etro,” wrote mackos. “Looks really good so far.”

Etro Fall 2011 ad campaign by Mario Testino

Bruce Machado, Andrés Risso, and Aymeline Valade photographed by Mario Testino for Etro

Forum members can’t seem to stop raving about Etro’s new look. MyNameIs posted, “So HOT. I love it. Models look great. The clothes are being displayed beautifully, and I love the atmosphere here. The wall color is so luxe.”

Northern Star also gave his compliments. “First of all, great to see they have made the effort this season and well worth it too,” he wrote. “Judging by the first ad this is looking really good. I love the whole 'dandy' feel and all the models look great.”

It’s not just that Etro did something different from their usual, but that they departed from their formula and did it well. HeatherAnne thought the models rose to the occasion. “I give Aymeline a lot of credit for being able to hold her own with Bruce and Andrés, all three of them look perfect and their expressions are quite captivating. Great campaign,” she affirmed.

Check this one off in the “good move” column for Etro.


No More Jil Sander for Uniqlo

Jil Sander’s ongoing collaboration with Japanese mass retailer Uniqlo has been a favorite of the Fashion Spot’s forum members, so the news from WWD that the collaboration will be ending after the Fall 2011 collection of +J hits stores is disappointing. A release from Uniqlo stated, “With the recent completion of the design of the…fall and winter collection, Ms. Sander and [Uniqlo] agreed that they had fully explored the possibilities of their creative collaboration and accomplished what they had set out to do. Consequently, the two parties have decided to wrap up their design consulting agreement with this collection.”

Forum members loved being able to access Jil Sander’s aesthetic at prices that made them smile rather than drop their jaws. Though the news of Sander’s departure from Uniqlo was only announced today, some members are already talking of stocking up while they still can. Desi wrote, “Told myself that when the Fall collection rolls around I will only be buying shirts and pants but this being her last means I have to get coats and knits too! I already own multiple suits and shirts so [I’m seeing] this as a time to complete it all. Just hope that I can find some of the pieces I wanted but missed out on floating on ebay (puffer blazer, slim short suit) or elsewhere.”

The staff at Uniqlo may want to brace themselves — tFS members might just storm their stores in the very near future.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums: Sienna Miller image courtesy of JustJared.