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Carine Roitfeld Will be Front Row at Couture Shows; Conan O’Brian Interviews ‘Joe Galliano’

Carine Rotifeld sneaks back into the front row

Carine RoitfeldAfter parting with her long-time employer, Paris Vogue former editor Carine Roitfeld was blacklisted from the runway shows at fashion week last February. Reportedly, the venerable fashion bible asked designers not to extend invitations to the industry titan because it might send the wrong message about Emmanuelle Alt as Roitfeld’s replacement. Carine merely rolled her eyes and made her way into every designer showroom for an exclusive private viewing, but this July at the Paris couture shows, the industry behemoth is making a tongue-in-cheek return to the front row. As part of a high-concept feature for W magazine, Roitfeld will be impersonating a client at fashion week, “from front row to fittings.” According to some rumors, Paolo Roversi will be Carine’s personal paparazzo. [WWD]


Jessica Stam takes on social texters

In her first blog post for Huffington Post Canada, new columnist Jessica Stam took on cell phone etiquette, and came down hard on dinnertime texters. Like Stam, I’m not a fan of people that prefer to relay binary code over the internet waves instead of dealing with the living, breathing humans sitting in front of them, but Stam’s proposed solution is much too much for me to deal with. The supermodel advises her readers to confiscate the cell phones of their dinner party guests and drop them into a big bowl in the center of the table, like a really nerdy centerpiece, I guess. If you’ve got to take such drastic measures to make your friends pay attention to you instead of the Gilt Groupe newsletter that just flashed across their mobile screen, you should ditch the digi-statement piece and just find better friends. [HuffPo CA]


John Galliano’s brother speaks out on Conan O’Brian

In light of last week’s John Galliano trial, Conan O’Brian invited a very special guest to discuss the haute couture scandal: Joe Galliano, the disgraced designer’s brother. The former Dior couturier’s next of kin called in from Paris, and stunned Conan’s audience with his impressive collection of crazy hats. Even though Conan was pretty convinced that the charges against Galliano were serious business, and that his filmed remarks were properly hateful, the designer’s next-of-kin was passionate in his defense of his bro: “He’s a misunderstood angel, he was led astray by his chemical dependency. He’s as pure as a dove made of butterflies!” Watch the video below. [Racked]