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D&G falls into the same basket as Armani exchange and Just Cavalli. They are brands I associate with people who think D&G and Dolce & Gabbana is the same thing, such as premier league soccer players and those who will wear anything as long it has a famous Italian brand-name on it.

What’s the common denominator here? Tacky clothes! D&G tends to offer designs of an over expressive nature similar to what one can find in a mainstream store selling “Italian couture”.

Everything with a D&G label isn’t trash though. AW06/07 was a well-composed collection featuring many wearable pieces. Although AW08/09 isn’t on the same level it does offer outfits attractive enough to evoke affection. The majority of outfits are what you can expect from a typical D&G collection, but there are also quite a few goodies in there.

With an array of ground colours, D&G is in line with many of the other designer who want to paint us humans in forest camouflage colours this fall. The visual experience is very natural and harmonic. Favored materials are wool, velvet and even more wool – the type of materials that will keep you warm during a slightly frosty autumn afternoon.

Inspirational layer on layer outfits featuring suit and tie will ensure warmth, preventing genitals from crumbling into the size of a British plug during cold and windy nights. These are splendid outfits for people who don’t want chilly weather to stop them from dressing formal.

Minus the usual trash.

Plus colourful tartan patterns.

Oversized fur hats.

Blazers with beautiful cuts.

Grade: 5.2 out of 10.  For the first time, a D&G collection is more interesting than a Dolce & Gabbana collection from the same season. Although the overall outfits are rather appalling, the attractive ones weigh slightly more.

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